Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The New Black- Runway Collection Part 2

Last week, Erin and Robin showed you guys some amazing new products from The New Black. Now it's my turn! Erin and I split up the eight colors from the Runway Collection (available at Sephora for $32) to give ourselves a chance to play with the colors a little. 

The bottles in each The New Black set only have 4mL of polish in them. They are definitely your standard sized mini bottles. Some mini bottles have 5mL, some are closer to 3.75mL. The New Black went for something in the middle. Who doesn't love a compromise? They have an unusual shape compared to what most of us are used to when it comes to minis but the longer top and brush allow for much easier application. I'm usually a total hater on mini bottles because my ogre hands can't figure out how to hold the tops correctly to apply polish to only my fingernail and not the whole top two knuckles of each finger. The New Black got it right. My ogre hands and my fingers thank you. The top is easy to handle AND the brush applies like a professional polish brand's brush should.

On to the colors! As you can see, each set comes with 8 different colors. The best part? They all have different finishes. So many possibilities!

The individual bottles are not labeled with a color name. Bummer. Erin was able to track down a color list on the Sephora product page but it's kind of hard to tell which is which. So I guess I get to decide! The colors listed in the set are Gypsy Rose, Just Shocking, Orange Crush, Electrical Banana, Mint Tea Shimmer, Heliotrope, Midnight Blue and Horchata Cream. They seem to be listed in the order they appear in the packaging. Too bad Erin and I split them up and can't tell the difference! This is why we need labeled bottles.
Electrical Banana
This one must be Electrical Banana. You know how I know? Because it's the color of a banana! What's so electrical about it? Um, the crazy awesome gold shimmer it has going on! This creamy yellow was a little streaky with the first coat but a second coat smoothed it out. I tried so hard to capture the subtle gold shimmer (it totally translates to the nail, I promise) but the pictures ended up looking way more neon than I intended. The bottle shot above is much more color accurate. The shimmer is super subtle but really adds some depth to the color on the nail.

Two coats of Electrical Banana

Just Shocking? I think so
I'm pretty sure this one is Just Shocking. Erin's pretty sure she reviewed Just Shocking last week. Will we ever know?! Either way, this orange-toned red is a fantastic jelly. Two coats and NO visible nail line! I'm in love. Super shiny, super easy to apply and super squishy. The color reminds me of the tomatoes my grandfather used to leave in a paper bag on my parent's back porch in the summer time. Best tomatoes ever. He's 94 and still brings them home-grown tomatoes in the summer.

Two coats of Just Shocking

Horchata Cream
Isn't horchata a kind of rice pudding/drink? Google tells me it is. Then Horchata Cream is the perfect name for this polish. It definitely has a subtle grey undertone to it too. Application was a breeze. I expected it to wash out my complexion but it ended up being a great nude for my skin tone.

Two coats of Horchata Cream
I assume this shimmery cornflower blue is called Heliotrope? It's the closest match I can find. Even though I don't think it's a match at all. This is what heliotrope flowers look like. This polish is blue. A lovely blue at that! Just not purple like a heliotrope flower. I was scared the silver shimmer I saw in the bottle would turn it into a foil and I'd be battling with brush strokes on my nail. Not the case at all. And it's a one-coater!

One coat of Heliotrope

Now that the swatching is done, it's time to play. It was pretty easy for my to pair off the colors I had. Check out the creation I made with Horchata Cream, Heliotrope, scotch tape and striping tape!

I like how my middle finger ended up looking like a bikini top. This was my first time playing with striping tape. And might I say, this mani took FOR-EV-VER.

I guess practice makes perfect! I'm super pleased with the way it came out but I didn't have the time/patience to do my right hand so I took it off right after I took these pictures. I couldn't show up to work with my left hand covered in super awesome nail art and my right hand with naked nails! If any of you have striping tape tips for this novice, please share them in the comments!

I wanted a quick and easy manicure that I could wear to work so I grabbed the bottle of Just Shocking. I can't stress enough how much of a dream the formula on this polish is. I know a lot of people don't like jelly polishes because they hate visible nail line. I want to buy a full sized bottle of this The New Black! I want a collection filled with these kinds of jellies!

I used Cheeky plate CH5 and Electrical Banana to add a couple of accent nails to each hand. It kind of has a Wonder Woman thing going on. I loved this mani and wore it for 3 days. Just Shocking had minimal tip wear on my right hand by the time I took it off.

Pros- I love how easy to handle these mini bottles are. The formulas are exactly what you'd expect from a higher end product. 

Cons- Mini bottles are mini. Full-sized options would be amazing!

Overall- The New Black is doing something really different by offering these sets of polish. They have so many choices it'll be pretty difficult to not find one that works for you. They are available through Nordstrom, Sephora and HSN. The prices of each set range from $10 for duo sets up to $32 for the Runway Set with 8 colors. The Runway Set is only available at Sephora.

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*Products were provided to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own*


  1. I love this set on you! And I agree that their jellies are awesome.

    1. We need more of them! All the jellies!