Saturday, June 2, 2012

Indie Goodness- Spooky Bones Polish

Today I have a couple of polishes from the indie seller Spooky Bones for you! 

First up is Turtle Power.

Turtle Power is from her TMNT collection. Here’s Amber’s description from her Etsy page-

“Turtle Power is the first in a duo inspired by none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Starting with an awesome comic series, movie, and cartoon series, the Turtles have become a cultural icons. Now the ooze that created these heroes on the half shell can rock your nails. Turtle Power is a bright blacklight responsive neon green with gold, lime green, and translucent diamond glitters and green micro glitter. And not only that, this baby smells of watermelon when it dries, since you know living in the sewer is not that pleasant! Turtle Power will glow too when under a black light so it's perfect for those wild nights out.”

Obviously, this polish has a lot going on. At first, I thought this was one of those WOAHmygod greens that I would hate against my skin. Well, hello Pleasant Surprise! So good to see you!

I’ve never been good at recognizing nail polishes that have a scent when they dry. I throw Seche Vite on top of that baby when it’s still wet and always seal in the goodness. So I swatched Turtle Power on a nail wheel to check the smelliness factor. I still didn’t smell anything. I swear I didn’t put a top coat on it. Maybe it’s just a subtle smell.

No topcoat
This polish also dries a little matte and a tad bit gritty. Nothing a coat of Gelous topped with some SV won’t fix!

The green iridescent glitter applied super easily. When I saw the diamond glitters stuck to the sides of the bottle, I naturally assumed that ALL of the diamond glitters were stuck to the bottle. But look! I got TWO on one nail! I didn’t even have to dig.

Turtle Power has a jelly-like consistency that flowed easily on the nail. I used three coats for the swatches you see here. There is still a little bit of visible nail line so those of you that don’t like a VNL, just throw on one more coat. It's not terribly thick so even after four coats you won't have a half inch of nail polish on your nail.

I don’t own a black light nor do I frequent establishments that have black lights inside. But as far as I’m concerned, this polish would simply glow under a black light. 

Overall- I'm pretty into this polish and I wasn't expecting to be. I'm not usually a huge fan of greens. It takes a lot to win me over. That's a winner in my book!


 Here is Moloko. The name of this polish is a nod to A Clockwork Orange. A Clockwork Orange is definitely one of my favorite movies so I appreciate everything about this collection. I've never read the book though. I've attempted it, but I had to check the built-in glossary so many times I couldn't keep up! Moloko is one of those words in the book that to most people has no meaning at all.

Amber's description from Etsy-
"Moloko, or milk-plus, was a drug-laced beverage gulped down by the violent youth in Anthony Burgess' cult novel, A Clockwork Orange. In true form, you'll feel turned on and tuned out by *this* Moloko, a creamy pale pink with holographic bar glitter. Beware, this is no ordinary lacquer. Moloko also shifts to various shades of green and yellow over a darker color- trippy, right?'

I love how light and airy Moloko looks in the bottle. The green shimmer is very obvious on the bottle and in most lights on the nail, even though I had a hard time capturing it in photos. My biggest complaint is that the glitters all seemed to be stuck at the bottom! I had to shake and shake and shake and shake to even get some bar glitters on the brush.

Since Amber mentioned Moloko looks different with different base colors, I figured I'd try it with some light and dark underwear! 

In the picture above I used two coats of Moloko on its own on my pointer and pinky. Middle finger has one coat over black and ring finger is one coat over Easy Going.

To be honest, I wasn't feeling it over black. Moloko has a very subtle look on its own but I really liked it over Easy Going so I decided to do a full mani with it!

I used two coats of Easy Going above. You can see it was a little streaky in places, not uncommon with  these super white cremes. If I was going to be wearing Easy Going on its own I would have smoothed it out with another coat. Moloko has enough coverage that it didn't matter.

I wanted to see what kind of glitter action I could get out of Moloko so I attacked it with a toothpick. I was surprised to see some sheer purple-ish iridescent hexes come out to say hello! But would they show up on the nail? Oh yes. They will.

Look at the green shimmer! 

So soft and dreamy

Overall- The formula on this polish applied really well, but the sinking glitter was a bummer. I even had to shake the bottle between nails after I stirred it up to make sure the bar glitters and hexes would show up on the brush.

Spooky Bones polishes are available through Amber's Etsy page. She also has some pretty nifty packaging going on. But you'll have to place an order to see it! Mostly because I don't have it anymore and I didn't take pictures.

5mL minis are $3.50 and there are two different 15mL bottles that go for $8 and $10 each.

*Products were provided to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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