Friday, June 8, 2012

Fancy Friday- Rescue Beauty Lounge- Aqua Lily

This polish. I can't even. I die. It's just that beautiful. 

Aqua Lily is from Rescue Beauty Lounge's Fan Collection and of course, it's not available anymore. I snagged it in a quick restock and this baby put me back $20 plus shipping. WORTH EVERY PENNY. It's a perfect creamy turquoise with a gorgeous pink shimmer. The shimmer is super obvious in the bottle AND on the nail. Doesn't get much better than that.

Because I hate when blogs tease me with swatches of beautiful polishes that are practically impossible to get my hands on (What? We've totally never done that before), I've got great news! Ji from RBL just announced that Aqua Lily will be relaunched in November! I know it's a long ways away but set a reminder on Siri or something. Start following the RBL blog and become a VLounge member. Just make sure you are around when this polish goes back on sale!!

I ordered two polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge and I just wanted to show you how cute the packaging was. 
Look at the adorable wrapped present!

Ooh what else did I order? A surprise for another Fancy Friday post!
Individually labeled boxes

Ji's signature sticker
I started this manicure with Essie Fill The Gap as a base coat. I don't know if Aqua Lily just doesn't like it or if the shimmer messes with the base but two thin coats was not going to happen. The formula is smooth and creamy and every other post I've read about Aqua Lily mentions the standard "two easy coats". There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the polish so it's not one of those "maybe it's just my bottle" things. The first coat just seemed to not want to play with the base coat and there was a lot of pulling going on. Luckily, since the formula has some sort of self-smoothing magic going on, I was able to get everything evened out with two coats on most of my nails. Only a few needed a third coat.

Ok, I'll stop boring you. On to the good stuff!
My crappy side table lamp showed the shimmer the best!
The rest of these shots were taken in my lightbox.

This is the second time I've worn Aqua Lily (I know, right?) but it's the first time I took pictures. I learned from the first time that Seche Vite hates Aqua Lily and made it shrink like woah. Don't forget to wrap your tips, ladies!

Can you tell the reason I didn't take pictures the first time was because my nails were tiny nubbins?

I took the pictures above about an hour after I applied the Seche Vite. Major shrinkage! My thumb nail had obviously broken so I didn't really know how to "wrap the tip" without painting my whole thumb.

This time around I used Essie Good To Go as a top coat and everyone played very well together.

I wore this polish for a couple of days (with no sign of wear at all!) and decided I wanted to spice it up a bit. I added a couple of accent nails of Lynnderella- Nosegay on each hand. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of that SUPER fancy manicure (or, as BeautyGnome called it, a million dollar manicure) but when I went to take it off something terrible happened. I used the foil method to remove the glitter from my accent nails and look what I found underneath!

I promise my nails were not that color to begin with! The purple spots you see next to my middle nail are the stray glitters from Nosegay. So apparently Aqua Lily doesn't like Essie Fill the Gap at all. I did not see this kind of staining the first time I wore Aqua Lily but I wish I could remember which base coat I used!

Pros- It's gorgeous and that's all that matters.

Cons- $20 price tag is terrifying. Limited edition is annoying. The nail staining required SO much buffing.

Overall- It's gorgeous and that's all that matters. I'll buy a back-up of it when it's re-released in November.


  1. OMG, that is so beautiful! But I have a bottle of KOH Blue Universe on the way and I can't justify having both. Yet, anyway. Maybe by November...

  2. Gorgeous!! Definitely putting this on my list to get in November!!

  3. I really like that shimmer, it's so unique!

  4. I put my hands up and admit if I have a polish on which is that colour, I will pick it off rather that use acetone as I don't get staining that way. Bad Emma....

  5. LOVE you're post on Aqua Lily!!! So happy that it makes you happy :) thanks for sharing the tips about which base/top coats play well (or not) with it. I still pinch myself that it sold out AND that Ji so graciously is bringing it back. I'm gonna have to try it with Nosegay one day. Thanks again for the fun review! -KDK