Friday, June 22, 2012

Fancy Friday: KOH Playful

Previously I mentioned KOH polishes from the Netherlands and my quest to duplicate their Blue Universe polish. As it turns out, one of my friends travels to the Netherlands frequently for work and she kindly offered to see if she could find it for me. I was so excited! I asked her if she would get Blue Universe for both me and Anna, as well as Playful for me and an assortment of typical department store polishes for Erin (do you think I take advantage of the kindness of friends?) Her first trip over after my request proved unsuccessful but she said she was going to be in Amsterdam on the next trip — home of the KOH flagship store! I had seen Playful on Witoxicity but hadn't really expected her to find it because I was under the impression it was a limited edition, but she did. Is she awesome or what? Thanks, Tina! As eager as I am to try out Blue Universe, it will have to wait a few days because this morning I had a meeting with my financial planner. (Doesn't that make it sound as if I have enough money to afford these polishes?) Anyway, I thought a gray flannel polish was more appropriate for a meeting with money guys, don't you agree?
How graceful is this bottle???
Playful is a medium neutral gray, similar to one of my other favorite grays, OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts, but with the added feature of tiny black sooty particles in it to add dimension without adding texture. Love it! Misa Grey Matters is another similar — but not the same! — polish in that it has tiny black particles but the base color is a much lighter shade of gray/grey. I see a comparison post coming up someday...
See the sooty particles in there?
Like the long, graceful bottle, the brush is long and narrow so I was surprised at how well it spread out to coat the nail. Two coats over a base coat and it was fully opaque, with the sooty bits becoming more prominent. It dried to a satiny finish, which I hadn't expected, but I needed to be out the door so I put on one coat of Seche Vite for speed and gloss, which I prefer anyway. I was dismayed to see that I had wrinkled my thumbnail when putting on my shoes because I hadn't waited long enough for it to dry, but amazed that I was able to smooth it back down and it hardened smooth as glass. Impressive!

The delightfully fancy part of this is the bag they came in — black netting with a pleated black flower ornamented with a rhinestone. Fa-a-a-a-a-ancy! My friend said they were so particular about closing the bag, curling the ribbon, and affixing the flower. I guess when you're paying €15 for a small bottle of polish you expect the full treatment, although Nordstrom wasn't that attentive to detail when I got the Dior polish — maybe it's a European thing.
Wa-a-a-ay fancier than a paper bag, right?
I am now quite eager with anticipation to try out Blue Universe for next week's Blue Monday post. How close did I actually come with my attempts to duplicate it!?!

KOH polishes are available for purchase in the Netherlands, Germany, 
Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Russia, 
so look for it in your travels (or ask a traveling friend!)

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