Friday, June 1, 2012

Fancy Friday: a England Dragon

I've already reviewed my other two a England polishes, Lady of the Lake and Tristam, so here is my latest acquisition, Dragon. Since I had previously said that Tristam was the gorgeous blue fraternal twin of the purple Lady of the Lake, I suppose I now have to up that to an amazingly beautiful set of triplets, with Dragon being the green. Three of my favorite colors in my favorite finish of polishes — holos.
a England Dragon
What more can I saw about this line of polishes that I have not already stated? The colors are brilliant, the formula is perfection, the end results are delightful. Aside from the literary conceit of naming the a England collections after ancient British myths and legends (as a book fiend I absolutely love this and it's enough to draw me in on the names alone), the care and thought that has gone into these lines of polish explains why they sell out almost immediately when they become available. I could look at these all day long.
A closer view to show all the colors.
Like a pointillist painting, the overall color is actually made up of tiny blends of other colors so the end result has so much more depth than it would as a creme finish. So much more. Even indoors the color changes as your nails catch the light. But outdoors in direct sunlight is where it really comes alive!
Sunlight adds the secret sparkle!
Now that I had a more contrasting color I decided to make another attempt at doing an a England gradient, this time using Lady of the Lake at the tips over Dragon. I'm getting better at doing gradients, but still need to work at making the transition more gradual. These colors are so gorgeous, though, that even my amateur attempt doesn't diminish their loveliness.
A Dragon - Lady of the Lake gradient.
It sort of looks like iridescent beetle wings, doesn't it? So. Beautiful.
I love the Crown Your Hands and Feet slogan.