Friday, June 29, 2012

Fancy Friday: butter LONDON Yummy Mummy

I got a coupon in the mail from Ulta recently and it didn't have the usual disclaimers not allowing me to use it on "premium cosmetics" so I decided to see if they'd let me get my 20% discount on another butter LONDON polish — they did! So I decided to give Yummy Mummy a try, adding it to my other two butter LONDONs, All Hail The Queen and Lady Muck. We're all big fans of the line here at Polished Cousins (Anna even has their base and top coats) so it's a treat to be able to grab one at a discount.
See the shimmers in the highlights?
While Yummy Mummy is similar (but not the same!) in tone to All Hail The Queen it is also completely different. AHTQ has those little glass flakes that I love so much because they add dimension without texture, whereas YM has more of a shimmer. As you can see in the photo, it's also quite a bit sheerer, with VNL even with two coats. To be fair, it's not as obvious in real life or else I would have added a third coat. As with all the butter LONDONs, application was a breeze, barely requiring a cleanup at all.

They describe the color on their web site as being "magic" and "simply stunning on EVERY skin colour" which is probably due to its being so very neutral; at best, you could say it has a pinkish cast to it, but that's only in some lights. On a couple of blogs it was described as "bleh" and "boring" but I disagree there — I'm a huge fan of taupes and neutral grays, probably because I have short fingers and even shorter nail beds so those colors tend to give the illusion of longer, more graceful hands. I'm all about those kinds of illusions! (In my mind I'm Audrey Hepburn but in real life I'm more Holly Hunter — I need a body polish that will make all of me longer and more graceful!)
The cute little crowned bird on the twist cap hidden under the squared cap.
Label shot, for those who need the numbers.
Now that my nails are all properly dressed I think I'll brew up a pot of Harrod's Earl Grey No. 42 and sit down to read The Guardian on my iPad...


  1. Love Earl Grey, love the Grauniad, love love LOVE this colour!!

  2. The bird is a raven. It's a nod to the ravens that live at The Tower of London. They are protected by ancient law and remain property of the monarch of The United Kingdom, hence the crown...