Thursday, June 14, 2012

Essie All Tied Up

We all know how much I love dusty rose shades, so I just had to get All Tied Up because it was a dusty rose with gold shimmer! Gold shimmer!!! That made it different from the many, many other bottles of dusty rose polishes I have!
See all the shimmers in the bottle? See them on the nails? Neither do I...
In what I am finding is fairly typical of Essie polishes, the subtle shimmer effects that are so readily apparent in the bottle are so much more subdued on the nail. This is a disappointment. Compare in the photo above, where the bottle almost looks as if it's been gilded but the nails have only the sparest portion of gold. So, so sad...

That said, I have to admit that the shimmers are more apparent than the gold shimmer was in OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes — in fact, I think that this polish looks more like how I had expected that one to look, so maybe I'll just pretend that All Tied Up is really Gouda Gouda Two Shoes and that Gouda Gouda Two Shoes is something else entirely. Because this stuff is important, right?
Bottle shot, with still more shimmers than on the nails.
Label shot.

As an experiment, I used the prep and base and top coat from Dazzle Dry. They dried in roughly the same time as they did using the Dazzle Dry polish but to not quite as hard a finish, plus it's not as shiny shiny as Seche Vite, even with two top coats applied. A toss up...

I was surprised to see how much this color had stained my nails when I took it off after a day or so. Fortunately, this was not the case with the Bikini So Teeny or Mojito Madness.


  1. Gorgeous! pink and gold is one of my fav combos. This is a great color!

  2. I passed on this but now I'm reconsidering. It's so pretty!

  3. I have been disappointed with the Essie shimmers too! Looks amazing in the bottle and dull on the fingers! Why does Essie have to be such a tease?!?!? :)

    1. I almost wonder if the shimmer is actually in the glass their bottles are made of!