Saturday, June 23, 2012

Discount Discovery: Sally Hansen Lively Lilac

I always check out what's in the cosmetics aisle when I go to Job Lot and I get their email coupons, too, but this week I'll show you the fabulous purple that I found in the check-out line. I don't know why these weren't with the other nail polishes and if I hadn't gone to that register I would never have found it!
Sally Hansen Lively Lilac, for two bucks!
I'm not a huge fan of the wide brush on the Sally Hansens, mostly because they are so coarse that they don't bend all that well, but in spite of that the application on this polish was a breeze, requiring only the slightest of cleanup to smooth the line at the cuticle. The bottle says it's a one-coater and I probably could have done that, but I used two coats and topped it with Seche Vite out of habit; it dried quickly on its own, but not quite as shiny as I prefer.
Label shot.
Job Lot had the entire display for this collection, but it was on the top shelf and way over my head, plus I was second in line to check out so I didn't have a chance to pore over them all, darn it! I did see a Tiffany blue shade, but I already have so many of those, and a pale bright blue that intrigued me but was out of my reach. I will have to go back again later to see if they've moved it to a more accessible spot. In the meanwhile I am loving this shade and I can see myself wearing it often over the summer.
It's holographic and a duochrome!
I didn't want to take it off, but after a few days it was starting to look a little shabby so I put a couple of coats of Ozotic 533 over it to refresh it. I should have done it earlier in the morning when the sun was still shining because a cloud cover hit the sky and it doesn't look as if it's going to go away anytime soon, so the best shot I could get of the holos was using my Ott light. The bottle shows the range of colors the best, but not so much on my nails. I'm not sure if that's because of the lighting or because I've layered it over a pale shade — normally I use holos over black or navy. I do like it and it will get me another day or two with this loveliest of lilac shades, but I think Ozotic 533 deserves a post of its own, don't you?

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