Saturday, June 30, 2012

Discount Discovery: Essie Mystery

Now, don't go Googling to find swatches of an Essie polish called Mystery because there isn't one. The mystery is which Essie color is this?
What's this mystery Essie polish?
The photo makes it look more chocolatey than it appears in the flesh — it's actually much more like a BBQ sauce kind of color. And, no, my cuticles aren't inflamed (as my husband had thought) it's just that the polish flooded the cuticles and some of it refused to clean off, even with straight acetone.
I had a coupon, so it really only cost me $2.00.
Job Lot had a batch of Essie polishes, most of them were Bordeaux, a deep winy red, and Damsel in a Dress, an iridescent purple, but there were a couple of bottles of this rich reddish brown. I had been looking for a polish that resembled OPI Boris & Natasha and I thought this baked beans kind of shade might do the trick. The label said it was Clambake, which made sense to me since baked beans are a staple at clambakes here on the Cape, so I texted Erin and Anna to see if either of them wanted any of them and Anna informed me that Clambake was supposed to be orange. Hm-m-m-m-m. It would appear that some of these bottles were mis-labeled! No matter, it was a color I wanted and I didn't really care what it was called. (For what it's worth, the name Clambake makes no sense at all for an orange polish.) I got it and put it aside for later. Which is now.
Clambake? "A creamy red-orange"? I don't think so...
So for the long Fourth of July weekend, when traffic heading to the Cape started backing up yesterday afternoon practically all the way to Boston, I thought my mystery BBQ colored mis-labeled Clambake would be the perfect color. I actually have to work on the 4th (time and a half for a holiday!) so no cookouts for me, but my nails will be covered in sauce!

So. Any ideas on which Essie polish this actually is? I don't think it's Downtown Brown or Little Brown Dress, because I don't think they're as red as this. Typically when Job Lot gets in a batch of polishes they are all from the same collection, but I couldn't see anything that released with either Bordeaux or Damsel in a Dress that looked evenly remotely like this. I may have to bring the bottle into Ulta and see if it matches anything in the core line. If it was a limited edition, it will have to remain a mystery!

UPDATE: I brought the bottle to Ulta to compare it to what they had in stock and the closest were Little Brown Dress, only this is redder than that, and Wicked, but that was almost purple by comparison. Since I'm assuming the mystery polish was from the same collection as Damsel In A Dress I checked online and that was from the 2008 Winter Collection. Rock Star Skinny was in that collection and looks really close!


  1. My first guess is Clutch Me If You Can.

  2. I compared it to what was in stock at Ulta and it's definitely not Wicked, which looks almost purple by comparison. It's closest to Little Brown Dress, but more reddish. There was no bottle of Clutch Me If You Can to compare to. Still a mystery!

  3. They had this in my local TKMaxx, along with a whole load of others labelled Tangerine, none of which were vaguely orange. I grabbed Decadent Dish, but I can't see the shimmer in yours.