Monday, June 11, 2012

Blue Monday - Sation - It's All Navy Baby

Happy Blue Monday!  Today I have a polish from you from Sation, a brand that has been around forever.  They just went through a major re-branding and sent us some polishes to review.  We'll be featuring Sations all week, so stay tuned!

On to the polish...I love the new bottles.  They have great weight and I love the new font.  I picked It's All Navy Baby for one of my reviews.  In the's navy.  On the nail, I would call it a navy-ed teal jelly. I was pleasantly surprised with the color even though it's so different from what I was expecting.  I really thought this would be a navy creme.  Anna really is the jelly queen but I also love a good jelly! 

I used 2 coats for the swatches.  I could have used 3 but I wanted to keep the jellied look going.  I didn't love or hate the formula, it was just okay.  My brush was a little wonky and I think that affected application.  It was really patchy on the first coat and the second coat seemed to even it out (although my camera tells a different story!)  It dried really shiny but I still added a coat of SV.  The pictures do not show how green the polish really is, it was definitely a dark teal on the nail. 
Super nice bottle
I would call its It's Real Teal Girl

The paint job didn't look this bad in real life.  I think it was so shiny that it messed with my camera!

  I need to work on wrapping my tips. I'm not sure if this is SV shrinkage or bad application on my part.

Pros:  Nice bottles, great job on the re-branding and lasting formula.  I wore this mani for 2 days with no chipping or tip wear.
Cons:  I wish this was a true navy because now I'm on the hunt for the perfect navy! 
Overall:  I'm impressed with the new Sation and can't wait to try more colors. 

***This polish was provided to me for an honest review.***


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I'm just in love with all the jellies out right now.

  2. Love the jelly look! very pretty color, too :)

  3. Sally Hansen's Navy Baby is a pretty good navy polish and it falls somewhere between a creme and a jelly. I like it!

  4. Pretty! I'm still new to the jelly scene :)

  5. Gorgeous! I have a few jellies that shrink at the tips, even when I wrap them, if I use SV.