Monday, June 25, 2012

Blue Monday: KOH Blue Universe!!!

Look at what I have! KOH Blue Universe!!! My wonderful friend who frequently works in the Netherlands brought it back for me, along with KOH Playful. Isn't she wonderful? Thanks, Tina! Remember back in March when I first found out about this polish and tried to dupe it? I'm impressed with how close I actually came to it! But, really, there's no comparison.
The bottle shows the color range of the flakies better than my nails do.
The base is a thin blue-black almost-a-jelly, filled with tiny silver sparkles and absolutely loaded with flakies that change in color from amber to green as the light shifts. Because the consistency is so thin, you build up the color in layers (I used three layers in these photos) so there is an appearance of depth because the flakies float in the base color layers rather than on top, yet it's so thin that you don't get the unattractive thickness of polishes that I had when I tried to dupe it. The base color is difficult to describe because, at first, you would swear it was black — when you brush off the excess on the bottle it looks like charcoal and on your nail it really does look like a thin black polish. But with the second and third coats the true color comes across and it's made up of so many different elements all pulling together to create this amazing tapestry on your nails. It is truly unique among the polishes I own.
This shot shows the different elements a bit better — the tiny sparkles, the flakies, the universe...
I did have issues with the application but I'm blaming the weather. It was 98F hot, humid degrees and I had a fan blowing directly on me. I tried shielding the polish with my body but I think it still made it dry too quickly on the brush and get a bit gloppy. As it's more of a winter color, I am definitely using it again (and again!) in cooler weather. Maybe Anna will write up her review of it once Fall arrives?
Here's a shot indoors under the Ott light, where the color of the polish is a bit truer
but the color shifts don't show as well as the outdoor shots.
I used Seche Vite as my top coat and did notice quite a bit of shinkage at the nail tips, so I'll try a different top coat next time. On its own, Blue Universe dries nearly matte and has some surface texture due to all the flakies, so maybe Gealous? We'll see...


  1. Oh my! This is stunning! So many layers to this. Perfection!

  2. Wow!! I can't believe how beautiful this is! No wonder you wanted to dupe it!

    1. Seriously. It's the most beautiful polish I've ever worn!

  3. That's really pretty! I love the floating flakies :)