Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zoya Blogger Trio Gradients

I've pretty much been wearing Zoya's Blogger Trio since the moment it arrived at my house. This is unheard of for me. Check out my other posts about the trio here and here.

I've also been trying to perfect my gradient skills lately and since I had never tried a gradient with jelly polishes, I thought I'd give it a go! I learned one VERY important lesson-

Do not try to sponge a jelly polish to make a gradient.

Jelly polishes are too sheer and too shiny for this to work. The sponge absorbs so much of the polish that it would take years to get an adequate amount of polish on your nails before you got it to look opaque. The sponge also eats all the shine! I know a topcoat could fix that but who needs a topcoat when you have a shiny jelly?!

So the method I used for the gradients below was simple. I just brushed the polishes on my nails next to  each other! Since jellies are pretty sheer and the color builds on the nail with each coat, they just blend together easily. 

I first started by painting the right half of all of my nails on one hand with a thin coat of the first color. By the time I finished the five nails, the thin coat was dry enough to paint the left half of my nail with the other color. Easy! I worked this method through 3 coats of each color on all 10 digits.

If you read my other Blogger Trio posts, you know that I had a pretty difficult time photographing these colors. They are so BRIGHT! This is a good thing under normal conditions. This is a bad thing for my camera. I used Kate and Coraline for my gradients below and since they are in the same color family, my camera wanted them to just stop trying to look different from each other and become the same color. They are not the same color! So I pressed every button on my Canon PowerShot I could find and tried taking pictures with every possible setting and this is what I came up with. The best photo came out in direct sun while I was at the baseball game with my family on Mother's Day. Go O's!

But of course, the sun wasn't out much last week.

Go O's!
The photo above is the most color accurate photo I was able to get out of all the 500 pictures I've taken of my nails with this polish on them. And then the Orioles lost. Thanks Orioles!

Here's some kind of weird dimness. Of course the colors aren't this grey but at least you can tell they are two different colors!

After I finished taking pictures of my vertical gradient, I figured I'd try for a horizontal one! I used the same method by painting the colors right on my nails, half and half style. I decided to use my ring finger as a sort of backwards accent nail. I love the way this one looked too!

It's obvious I love these colors a lot. I was so happy to play with them and discover how versatile they can be! Have you ever done a gradient with jellies? Did you use a different method?

Don't forget that you can still purchase the Blogger Trio through Birchbox for $22 (free shipping)!


  1. Looks great! I especially like the horizontal one :)

  2. I've never seen a jelly gradient! It's really cool!