Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Mint Chip

The lovely Sanaz Ashrafian of 365 Days of Color sent us a review sample of Mint Chip from her new Candy Shoppe collection and I told Anna and Erin it was mine — all mine! I mean, minty green? Chocolate chips? It had my name all over it!
Look at this minty deliciousness! Like an ice cream cone has melted all over my fingertips!
When I opened the package it held the cutest little bottle that was packed with little black squares, each only slightly larger than a flake of pepper. Packed, I tell you! When I first began swatching it I was afraid there wouldn't be enough polish for a full manicure because it needed 3-4 coats, so Erin suggested that I try it over a coat of white. I used a coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White on all but my pointer because I wanted to see how it looked without the underwear, too. But first, on a nail wheel, I tried it over white and a couple of pale minty greens, just in case. The greens overpowered it so I went with white.
All but the pointer have a coat of white underneath here.
On application it appeared thick and streaky, so I wasn't sure about the end results, but it all slowly leveled out and it looked so much nicer without the white underwear that I felt I had to do it over again, this time all on its own. I had a difficult time getting all the black squares away from the edge of the bottle, so I added a tiny bit of thinner and let it sit for a while. I also hoped that thinning it out would allow me to get 3-4 coats on at least four of my nails. It worked!
See how packed with squares the polish is now? Yum!
This time the polish flowed a bit more easily and there were more squares on each nail. I love how the pale green color is translucent so the overall effect really is like a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the process of melting. Look at the depth of it all, with the black squares showing through the building layers. So pretty and delicious!
No shortage of chips here!
Now, I'm not sure how much of this is the result of it being a mini bottle, but I really had a tough time of it getting squares on the brush. I mean, the bottle was full of them! For some reason they clung to the edge but I suspect that in a full-size bottle you'd have room to manipulate the brush to grab more. The formula was very thick, too, but after adding thinner it was a lot easier to work with. Be warned, however, that there is a very strong chemical smell to it! My husband — who couldn't smell a rotting corpse if he was sitting on one — even yelled upstairs to ask what I was doing that smelled so bad! It totally disappears once it dries, so no fears on that regard.

Another thing to be aware of is that this is not a quick manicure. It takes a long time to dry and it really needs to set a bit before you put on the next layer, so with a base coat, 2–3 coats of polish, a coat of Gealous to smooth it out, and another of Seche Vite to speed up the drying time and we're talking quite a time commitment here. I spent about an hour just doing four nails, but I also wanted them to be picture perfect, so there's that to consider as well. Even at that, I smudged my pinkie as I was taking the photos, so I would definitely give it at least a couple of hours before reaching into a purse or pocket.

Because of that, this is not a manicure I'd be likely to do very often, but it really is so pretty and different it would be a shame not to do it at least two or three times over the course of a summer.

Thanks, Sunny! It was a privilege trying one of your lovely polishes!

You can find the Candy Shoppe collection at
and read Sunny's blog at www.365-days-of-color.com.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Totally want to eat a chocolate mint something now. Lol

  2. This polish looks awesome, I love love love glitter-in-milky-cremes :)