Thursday, May 24, 2012

OPI Number One Nemesis

I'm forcing myself to go on a polish diet so when OPI released its new Spiderman collection recently, I only allowed myself to get the two that were reputed to be Chanel dupes — Just Spotted The Lizard (Peridot) and Number One Nemesis (Graphite.) I have other plans for Lizard, so for now I will present you with my review of Nemesis.
OPI Number One Nemesis
I don't actually have the Chanel polish (what a surprise!) so I can't do a direct comparison. In fact, when I got Nemesis I was unaware of its alleged dupiness; I got it because I like interesting dark polishes. To me, it looked like a mix of Revlon Carbonite and L'Oreal Valiant — both said to be dupes themselves of Graphite — with a touch of Chanel Peridot thrown into the mix. (See comparisons at the end.) It's a deep charcoal jelly absolutely thick with multicolor flecks, with a predominantly bronze/gold cast. It reminded me of the mica rocks that edged our garden when I was a kid; I would think they were treasure ore and I'd try to chip out the mica.
Bottle shot
This needed three coats for coverage because it's such a thin formula, but I didn't mind because it added so much more dimension. It flowed quite smoothly, so I was a bit surprised at how bumpy the surface was after it dried. It needed two coats of Gealous to smooth it out, plus a coat of Seche Vite to top it off. Even then, I may add another coat of Seche Vite for a bit more gloss, although I think the dimension of the glitter is throwing my eye off since I can't feel a ripple when I touch it.

The glitter really is pervasive — it was nearly impossible to remove all traces of it when I did my clean up, which explains why my knuckles are so sparkly. For that reason I recommend doing your clean up immediately after your last coat, even before putting on your top coat. I was texting with Anna and Erin as I polished and let it dry a bit too much, so that made my clean up that much more of a hassle.
Label shot

I really like this one! It's different enough from the many other glittery dark polishes I have in that it's the only one leaning more toward bronze and I particularly like the slight gold shimmer where it catches the highlights. I guess I'd have to see the movie to get the connection to Spiderman, though, eh?

After only one day there was a noticeable amount of tip wear so I decided to swatch Revlon Carbonite on my ring finger and L'Oreal Valiant on my middle finger for a comparison before I took it all off.
Revlon Carbonite is closest in appearance to Nemesis, but without the bronze/gold cast.
L'Oreal Valiant is much more silver overall and has more of a foil finish.
I got Carbonite for $1.49 and Valiant for $2 at Ocean State Job Lot. Of the three, I liked Carbonite's formula the best; it flowed much more smoothly and actually covered in a single coat; I can see doing a full mani in it at some point. In every aspect, Valiant was lacking — the application was streaky, the formula bubbled, and there was nothing about it to make it stand out against the other two; it's just a "nice enough" silver foil polish of which there are already so many available. But despite its disappointing tip wear, Number One Nemesis had the most going for it. The variety of colors in the sparkles added a sense of depth that the other two never even came close to matching and made this one the winner! (Although Carbonite runs a very strong second.)


  1. This is the first swatch of Number one Nemesis that I've actually liked :P it looks so pretty I love the colours in it :)

  2. Number One Nemesis is stunning! It looks amazing on you!

  3. Love it! thanks for the comparison. I am after this polish now. I'm thinking it is like Estee Lauder Explosif or Nicole By OPI As Gold as it Gets. That greenish mica-like gold is a hot color this fall. But I like the OPI better.