Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Too Polished- Wonderland Collection Part 2

Last week, Erin showed you the first half of Not Too Polished's Wonderland Collection. Today, I've got the second half!

Elizabeth's polishes have a whole lot going on so this post is picture heavy! I really tried to capture all of the dimensions in these colors.

First, I have Cheshire Cat- "a grinningly wicked fuchsia, pinky purple just like Disney told us! Packed to the teeth with 9 different glitters, including medium opal holo, small and micro fuchsia, small gold holo, medium iridescent and too many more."

Cheshire Cat bottle porn!

The pictures below show three coats of Cheshire Cat with two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite on top. There is a LOT of glitter in all of these polishes so I used two coats of Gelous on all of them for a smooth glossy finish.

Cheshire Cat shifts from looking almost neutral to really standing out as a bright bright pink depending on the light. I'm kind of in love with that aspect of it.

 And here we have BRIGHT pink!

Macro on the nail

I really love the bright pink jelly base in this polish. The iridescent hexes pop but I can't decide if I wish there were more of them or if I wish they had been left out.

Cheshire Cat stained my nails like woah. I have really white nails, especially for someone who wears polish every day. They never look this pink. It didn't come off with a soak and scrub like stains usually do for me. I had to buff it out. Definitely double up on your base coat with this one!

Next we have Red Queen- "a stunning jelly red packed with 5 different glitters, including red micro glitter, gold shimmer, silver shred, silver holo and tiny red hearts

Look! A heart!
Obviously, there aren't many hearts in the bottle and I had to fish around a bit to find one. But I snagged one (first try!) and got it on my pointer finger.

Red Queen was super thick and applied kind of streaky on the first two coats. The formula was drying quickly so it got stuck around the bar glitters and dragged a bit. The third coat smoothed everything easily. I used two coats of Gelous (especially on my pointer finger with the heart!) and a coat of Seche Vite on top.

White Rabbit is "a pearly grey, silvery white nail color brimming with 7 different glitters, including white pearl and silver micro glitters, silver shred, grey and black small glitters, silver holo small glitter and an iridescent opal."

I had really high hopes for this one. Look how beautiful it is in the bottle! I love a grey mani but there are some formula issues with White Rabbit I just couldn't get over. The shimmery grey base is thick and dries so quickly that it comes out of the bottle stringy. It's PACKED with an amazing combo of glitter but because of the dry time, it applies gritty and uneven on the nail. The swatches below are three thick coats of White Rabbit, two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.

Overall, I'm digging this collection a lot. I have a love for all things Alice in Wonderland related so this collection is right up my alley. Elizabeth has a really great eye for combining glitters and managed to give each of these polishes something special. 

You can purchase Not Too Polished at Elizabeth's Etsy shop. The whole collection is available for $30 or you can purchase full-sized bottles individually for $6 a piece.

**These products were provided to us for an honest review**


  1. Whate Rabbit is SO beautiful! Would adding some thinner help?

    1. I tried adding 2 drops and it REALLY helped!

  2. White Rabbit is my favourite, despite all the glitter it still looks quite delicate

    1. That's exactly it! Elizabeth said she's going to try and tweak the formula to help it apply smoother. It'll be perfect!

  3. I really like this collection! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can see more info if you want on this blog post!

  4. I LOVE White Rabbit. Sorry about the formula though!