Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not Too Polished - Wonderland Collection Part 1

Hi all!  I have a new indie polish maker to show you today.  Elizabeth from Not Too Polished sent us her Wonderland Collection to review and today I'm going to show you three of them.

Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Dinah, Alice, Red Queen, Hatter
I have become super picky with my glitter polishes lately and these did not disappoint me.  I've only been back to nail polish hoarding for about six months (I've been a hoarder for most of my life but tried to quit nail polish for five years) but I've seen some crazy changes in the indie polish community.  There are a lot of people making polish right now.  And let's be honest, ok?  Some of it sucks.  Some of it is awesome.  But some of it really sucks.  I can't stand a glitter bomb that you can barely paint on and then takes a mile of foil to remove.  I'm hoping that our swatches show how cool and unique these polishes are and you all will take a moment and check them out.  On to the polish!  That's what matters.  I used A England The Knight and The Shield as my base and top coats in all the pictures below.

Hatter, Alice, Dinah
First up, I have Alice.  Not Too Polished describes it as: Alice is a light blue shimmery nail color flecked with small silver and iridescent glitter and the occasional piece of medium silver hex glitter. 

Reminds me of a good China Glaze glass fleck
 Robin is the blue polish expert but I loved this blue.  It's sparkly and pretty and girly.  I used three thin coats for opacity.  This polish dried smooth and shiny.  I do wish that there were more medium hexes.  I tried to roll the bottle for a while and even fish around but I couldn't get any on the brush.  I would have liked 2-3 on each nail because I love silver and blue together.

Hatter...this polish is definitely unique to my stash.  I have nothing like it and I love it.  Not Too Polished describes it as:  Hatter is a mad concoction of color and glitter. It is an bronzey green color with almost purple tones when the light hits it right, and is packed with 6 diffferent glitters, including large fuschia hex glitter, small light and dark green glitter, silver shred, large silver hex glitter and gold micro glitter. It shouldn't work, but like our friend the Hatter, it is deliciously mad! 

 Man, I love this polish.  Olive and fuschia together in one bottle?  WIN!  I saw the flecks of emerald green and the small bar glitter but I was really enamored by the color combo.  It's truly unique and awesome.  I used three thin coats.  Maybe I could have topped this with one coat of Gelous but it was pretty smooth.

Lastly, we have Dinah.  Not Too Polished describes it as:  Dinah is an absolutely gorgeous, pink toned copper filled to the gills with copper, gold holo and pink glitters. It is the final installment in the Wonderland Collection, and is inspired by Alice's cat (Dinah, of course) in the Disney cartoon version.

A little cat hair on the cat polish?  So fitting.

 This was a surprise favorite for me.  I was in the middle of a swatchfest and loved this so much, I left it on and wore it for 3 days. The description says pink glitter but my bottle looked like it had lilac glitter in it.  I loved it!  The copper mixed with the lilac and the gold and silver...heaven.  I can even discuss wear and tear.  I used two thin coats and one thick coat of Gelous plus my A England base and top.  This polish is somewhat hungry, it was still a little bumpy after the Gelous but not annoyingly so.  After three days, I had no chips or tip wear.

Overall, I was really happy with these polishes.  They are original colors, nice formula and I love the Alice in Wonderland theme.  The full size bottles retail for $6 and the minis for $3.  You can't beat that when everyone else is selling polish on Etsy for $10+ a bottle.  There are a bunch of different colors and she blends custom colors.  Check this shop out and let me know us what you think!  Are there other colors you would like to see swatched?

Stay tuned for part 2!  


  1. I love the Alice blue! (wink, wink)

  2. That blue is very pretty. I agree with you that it would have looked great with a couple of hexagons on the nails too. :)

  3. Pretty! But I wish the blue had some of the hexagons too :(

    1. I'm hoping she'll tweak the formula a little. She hand mixes every bottle so I'm sure you could request more!

  4. I love Hatter!! That is a gorgeous olive!!