Friday, May 18, 2012

Fancy Friday - Nerd Lacquer - Largo

Nerd Lacquer Largo?!  What?!  You've never heard of it?  You haven't seen this color on Etsy or Ninja Polish?  Weird.

Today I have a special polish for Fancy Friday.  This polish is near and dear to my heart because last year when I got my Pinterest account and starting stalking nail blogs and building my stash, Nerd Lacquer was the first indie seller I came across.  I thought it would be a good fit for Fancy Friday considering how rare and awesome it is and timely with all the Nerd Lacquer "drama" going on.  Whatever is going on with Amanda and whatever her reason for taking a break from the nail polish world, let's all cut her some slack.  Because I mean, come on, it's the nail polish world.  And in the scheme of worlds, sparkle glitter polish not that important.  Nerd Lacquer f-ing rules and let's all pray to the nail polish gods that she makes a major comeback.

So, back to my story about Largo.  I knew I needed some of her polishes.  So I pinned a few and checked out her Etsy.  This was back when you could actually think about the indie polishes you wanted and take your time ordering them.  Remember those days, girls?  I ordered a custom three pack:  Regeneration, Don't Blink and Pinin for the Fjords.  Maybe a day later, I get a note from Amanda saying that the package will take a few extra days so she was sending me something extra for being patient.  Um, the package was at my house in 5 days, maybe 6.  No big deal.  And the something special?  A bottle of polish she was still testing out!  A color that was never released!  A limited edition, hard to find, never seen before Nerd Lacquer!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm usually too lazy to think up my own color description so I take it off the seller's website but there is no description of Largo so here goes...Largo is a muted grayish green base with small round silver and yellow gold glitter,  pale blue hexes, black square glitter and color shifting green to blue square glitter.  This polish is sick.  Picture time.


Perfectly color accurate

Blurry nails but great bottle shot.  Look at all that glitter.

I really love this polish.  I used China Glaze Strong Adhesion as a base, 2 smooth coats of Largo, one coat of Gelous and one thick coat of SV.  It's perfectly smooth and shiny.

Nerd Lacquer is not currently available for purchase.  Let's all cross our fingers and send good vibes and hopefully soon we'll get some good news!


  1. It sucks when people kick up drama and ruin it for everyone. This polish is amazing. So gorgeous. Great pics! xoxo

  2. OMG!! LOOOOVE!! I hope she comes back soon too! Hubs was gonna buy me some for my bday in August!

  3. That is one of the most beatiful indies I've ever seen. You are such a lucky lady to have it.

  4. Nerds were my very first indie purchase back when i first got into polish in january. back then she had a full shop and it was no problem to order whatever you wanted. i too received her message that she'd gotten a little behind in orders and i would get a special gifty for the wait. ive seen this polish go by several different names on the labels, this is the first time i've seen it go by Largo, which is the label I have. I love it, its such a weird and cool polish.
    I didnt even know about all the drama until this post, so i googled and read about what was going on. It sucks, what a shame but what can ya do I guess.
    I feel bad for the people who lost money and the distributors who got left holding the bag, but im quite thankful for the few NL's I have if they're going to be unavailable now!

  5. I also got Largo with my order I placed a few months ago and it's amazing, like you said!! I especially feel lucky to have it now, with NL not being available at the moment! I also really hope Amanda comes back with some more gorgeous polish creations, because she seems so nice and definitely has an eye for creating gorgeous polishes!!

    1. Me too! It's such a special polish.

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