Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Monday- OPI Glacier Bay Blues

I want to start this post by saying I'm sorry! I used two different blue polishes for the manis you will see in this post. Neither of them are available for sale anymore and they are both VHTF (very hard to find). I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

But they are both beautiful and look beautiful together and I HAD to share them with you.

Last week I was shopping at my favorite wholesale nail supply store and this pretty blue/green/purple duochrome caught my eye. I picked it up, flipped it over and I saw an OPI black label looking back at me. Woah. I opened the bottle. No pro-wide brush to be found. And this polish was STINKY. This is definitely not a 3-free polish! Glacier Bay Blues? Hmm never heard of it. Good thing I have an iPhone.

So I look it up and find out this baby is from the Canadian collection from 2004! Sah-weet!

I feel like lately all I talk about is how difficult my camera is. This polish is GORGEOUS. It's also multi-chrome and my camera just can't handle the awesomeness. So I promise this polish shows flashes of purple as well as blue and green. Even though you can't see that at ALL in any of the photos below. So just do everything you can to imagine purple.

I swear I took so many pictures of this polish. I tried my best to narrow it down. I used three coats with Seche Vite as a top coat for the pictures below. The formula was a little thin but I didn't have problems with it pooling in my cuticles. I just needed the three coats to even everything out. Clean-up was a breeze. I had NO problems with cuticle staining at all.

So here's a crap-ton of pictures of Glacier Bay Blues!
Oh hai naked nails! Are you ready for a manicure?

Bottle porn with all the colors GBB has to offer. But can we capture it on the nail?
Terrible picture but proof that the duo effect is obvious on the nail

OK I see some purple and blue

Maybe a little teal peeking through

Under the OTT light

Ok now let's look at these nails in direct sunlight. Hello green!

After the second day (yes I wore this polish for more than two days!) I noticed the polish looked a little dull so I added a coat of OPI Top Coat to shine it up again. But I needed MORE. My new Cheeky stamping plates arrived in the mail and I wanted to play. I have seen so many other nail bloggers use some of the holographic polishes from the China Glaze OMG collection (may it rest in peace) for stamping. Since I have a few of them, I just wanted to try. This is not a very good stamping attempt, but here it is anyway. I used Cheeky plate CH8 to add some polka dots with China Glaze DV8. Not all of the dots transferred completely (the DV8 I have was a dusty find and I think it has had a a lot of thinner added to it over time) so I tried using my dotting tool to finish them off. Eh, it didn't turn out great.

 But still. This is a great combo and I got a lot of compliments on it! Who doesn't love manicure compliments?

I promise I wasn't driving when I took these pictures! I was just IN my car

I'm so glad I got some pictures taken of this mani in the sun because it is gross and rainy out today and I think I'll stay in and clean my apartment. Blue Monday indeed.

Go read my favorite book :)


  1. You're so lucky to find that colour :)

    1. I really was lucky! I think there are a few websites still selling it if you're trying to buy it!

  2. I really love this color! Funny story... it's on my mom's nails right now. LOL

    1. Haha awesome! Great minds! Tell her I said hi :)

  3. I love the holo polka dots! So cute:)

  4. This color is awesome! What a great find!