Monday, May 28, 2012

Blue Monday: The New Black Horizon Ombré

The New Black has packaged ombré collections and they kindly sent us the Horizons set for review. The colors did not have names, just number 2851 on the labels on the bottom of the bottles (except for the middle bottle, which had 2841, for some reason.) The best polish of the collection by a wide margin was the darkest one, a deep, rich navy jelly loaded with glass flecks. If I knew the name of it I'd see if they also sold it in full-sized bottles and get a backup, it is that beautiful! People rave about the VHTF Essie Starry Starry Night, which I have never seen in the flesh, but I can't imagine that it is any more beautiful than this polish! That is one coat in the photo below — one coat! Just magic. I will definitely be doing a full manicure with this one!

The darkest blue shade is the big winner for me!

After that beauty, the others could only be a letdown. The two mid-tone blues were pleasant, but nothing original. I'll definitely uses the medium-dark foil again and might try the medium-light one layered over another color, as it was so transparent that even the four coats shown below still showed VNL. As for the cremes? Meh. The formula on both was horrible, thick and streaky with bald patches all over that I couldn't be bothered to try to repair because the colors were so uninspired. There are other pale blues that are so much nicer (I'm talking about you, Bikini So Teeny!) and the white is just...  white.
The Horizon collection includes cremes, foils, duochromes, and glass flecks.

I was surprised by the selection for a couple of reasons — 1. it started with white (white?) and, 2. it included a variety of finishes. Personally, I like my ombrés to be of a kind, preferably cremes, because foils, glass flecks, and especially duochromes catch the light differently and affect the perception of color. In order for an ombré to work successfully, in my opinion, it has to be graduated tints in the same shade and not just any old light-to-dark of any particular color family. If the color shifts too much toward another tone it just doesn't work for me. So in the Horizons set, the shifts to pink in the duochrome throw it off and starting with white is just plain cheating! Granted, I have loads of blues, but I was able to find at least one pale blue that I feel would have worked better. Also, the middle blue was too similar to the paler one before it and too much paler than the darker shade following. Then it makes an Olympic leap to a deep navy!

After a few hours I though I'd make another attempt at a sponge gradient, using the next darker shade at the tip of each nail. The two cremes were the most successful, but I found that the formulas for the others were not conducive to sponging. They soaked into the foam far too quickly and I had to put on so much that it started to eat away at it, leaving bits of sponge on the surface. Also, putting a foil over a duochrome absolutely does not work because of the different ways each finish responds to the light. I do kind of like the powder blue-to-white gradient, though. Sort of looks like a cloudy sky.
Sponge gradients — mixing finishes is not a good idea!
The Horizon collection as packaged.
The New Black polishes can be found at Nordstrom and Sephora.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. I would get this set, but wear the colors individually. The duochrome and navy are the nicest ones IMO.
    This is not a good ombre set. I could make a better ombre manicure with colors I already have. I dont think New Black got the idea of what ombre is.

    1. I agree. The three darker colors absolutely will become full manicures on their own eventually.