Monday, May 7, 2012

Blue Monday: Amethyst

All right, I admit that, strictly speaking, purple is not blue, but it's in the same family and I'm the boss of me so I'm making the executive decision to allow purples in on Blue Mondays. Besides, this polish is gorgeous and does not deserve to be ignored just because it has enough red in it to slide it over in the spectrum.
Sinful Colors Amethyst (the horrid cuticle damage will be addressed later)
The Sinful Colors line of polishes continues to impress me; the quality is in line with far more expensive department store brands and in some cases exceeds it. Normally it sells for $1.99 at places like Rite-Aid and Walgreens, but it often goes on sale for 99¢, so be on the lookout for sales. In this case, I happened to see that a local salvage store, Building #19, was getting in a batch of Sinful Colors and had priced them at 79¢. Seventy-nine cents!!! I had to rush over to see what colors they had. Alas, there were not too many that I didn't already have but I did decide to get some that I had been on the fence about getting, like the bright corals and oranges that Anna and Erin wear so much better than I do. But, I digress...

Amethyst was one of the colors that, surprisingly, I did not yet have and when I was deciding what color to do next, my eye kept being drawn to this deep, rich purple. The consistency was almost a jelly, but not quite. It was thinner than other Sinful Colors polishes I've used, but still opaque. Two coats to perfection and it was shinyshinyshiny. It totally did not need a top coat at all but I still put on a coat of Seche Vite because I wanted to be able to go to bed in the near future without worrying about waking up with textured nails. Absolutely not necessary otherwise. In fact, I have never seen a creme polish dry so glossy. I was impressed enough to text a photo to Anna and Erin to share my excitement. All this perfection for a mere seventy-nine cents! I am so easy to please...
Is this not a gorgeous purple? Like royalty...
OK, so now to address the elephant in the room that is the horrible cuticle damage on my pinky finger. On my photo hand! How did this happen???
Learn from my mistakes — do not let this happen to you!
Before the three of us decided to start this blog, I was lackadaisical about caring for my nails. I'd file them when they got too long to type and occasionally I'd get a mani/pedi at the start of the summer, but for the most part all I ever did was use hand lotion. As we all know, that is not enough for cuticles! I mean, it's better than nothing at all, but face it — they need more TLC. Consequently, my cuticles were always dry and flaky, so I would keep picking at them, then when I'd pulled away too large a flap of skin, I'd bite it off. (I know, gross, right?) All around all of my fingers, the skin was raw and sore. That it was painful was not enough to stop my compulsion.

Around last Christmas I learned about Pinterest (follow me!) and I saw the various manicures that Erin and Anna were pinning, which led me to several nail blogs. Who knew people blogged about nail polish!?! Several blogs helpfully had tips on nail care and I learned how to clean up my sloppy application, shape my nails, and — most importantly — how to get my cuticles in presentable condition. If you keep them cleaned up (I use Blue Cross cuticle remover, available at Sally Beauty Supply) and moisturized, then you don't get dry flaky cuticles, and if you don't have dry flaky cuticles there is nothing for you to pick at until they are raw and sore.

I have to wash my hands a lot during the day and I'm careful about using hand lotion afterward, but I was also doing a lot of freelance work the past few weeks and I was so tired when I went to bed that I got lax about the extra step of rubbing cuticle oil into my nail beds. That's all it took! A week or so of neglecting that extra step and before I knew it, there was a really dry spot and I was on it like a duck on a junebug. I was aghast at myself, but that was all it took to get me to put that bottle of cuticle oil in a prominent place on my nightstand, reminding me not to neglect this important step each night.

Don't be like me! Moisturize those cuticles!

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