Monday, April 9, 2012

Anna's Haul and a Professional Mani

Today Erin and I did some shopping at our favorite polish shop. I knocked a whole bunch of polishes off my wish list AND got a couple packages of nail mail. But first I want to show you guys the professional mani I got last week.

My best friend was out of town the weekend of my birthday and when she returned she insisted we go out and get manicures together. I reminded her that I paint my nails pretty much every day but she promised this place was great and she made ME promise I wouldn't change the color for three days. I lasted from Thursday to Sunday!

The salon had mostly OPI and Essie colors so I grabbed two that I didn't already own. I first grabbed Lucern-tainly Look Marvelous from OPI's Swiss Collection. Every time I'm shopping and come across an OPI display, I pick this color up but have never bought it. I grabbed this Essie dark teal to use as an accent nail. I feel so silly, I have no idea which color it is! I must have looked at the name when I chose it, but it completely escapes me now. Can anyone name this accent nail?

I really love this mani. It was my first time using a creme as an accent. I wish I could remember the name of that Essie though. Now, onto my exciting haul! I'm seriously so in love with all of these colors. I'm also all caught up with swatches and organizing my stash. Would you guys be interested in a stash post? It might take a little to put together but I think I could do it.

Before I left to pick up Erin, my awesome mailman had my Whimsical Ideas by Pam mail in his hand waiting for me. Ah I love these so much!!

Love the bows

Erin and I ordered these Zoya sets during their last promo and they arrived today too!

Shelby, Traci and Wednesday from the new Beach Collection
 Here is what I picked up at the nail supply store-
Essie- No More Film, Sure Shot, Too Too Hot, Chinchilly (For my friend Becky)

Essie- Lapis of Luxury, To Buy or Not To Buy, Midnight Cami

Color Club- Magnetic Force, Ulterior Motive, Lumin-Icecent

Famous- Bronze in a Thong (Um...what? Terrible name), Savina- Fairy Dust

China Glaze- Liquid Crystal, Grape Juice, Westside Warrior, Urban Night

OPI- Houston, We Have a Purple, Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?, Pedal Faster Suzi!, Lucern-tainly Look Marverlous
 And since I'm always looking for the perfect base and top coats
Out The Door, OPI Ridge Filler and Essie- Good To Go
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  1. That's an awesome haul. Love the colours and varieties.

    Plus, I see the pro mani actually convinced you to buy Lucerne-tainly look Mahvelous. =)

    1. Good eye! It's completely a shimmery chrome but I swear I saw flashes of blue and red in there. Maybe it just reflects blue and red more than other colors? Either way, I fell in love with it!