Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lynnderella- Connect the Dots

When my Lynnderella polishes arrived, I couldn't decide how to wear Connect the Dots. Naturally, I swatched it on a nail wheel to figure it out!

If you follow our Facebook page you saw this earlier. 

1. Essie Marshmallow
2. OPI Pink Friday
3. Cult Nails Quench
4. OPI Houston We Have a Purple
5. Essie Too Too Hot
6. Rimmel Sunset Orange
7. OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?
8. Sinful Colors Firefly
9. Zoya Tracie
10. OPI Fly
11. Color Club Hydrangea Kiss
12. Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
13. China Glaze First Mate
14. Revlon Royal
15. China Glaze Grape Pop
16. Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid
17. Julep Renee
18. Essie To Buy or Not To Buy

I copied and pasted this from my spreadsheet so that's why the spacing is weird. Yeah I keep everything on a spreadsheet! When I put a coat of CtD over Essie's Too Too Hot, I said "OooOOhh!" out loud. We have a winner!

When I started editing these pictures I saw what a terrible job I did with cleanup. The light box certainly isn't very forgiving!

Connect the Dots shows up so differently on each nail I wanted to show off my right hand as well. Look at the giant hex on my ring finger! The best part? That giant hex is kind of soft so it follows the curve of your nail and the edges don't really stick out.

I got so many comments on this polish. "How did you get that pattern on your nails?' "That is SO cool!" and my favorite, "Is that Connect the Dots?!"

A coat of Gelous on top with a final seal of Seche Vite kept everything nice and smooth.

I used the foil method for clean up. A few of the bigger glitter pieces stuck around after I pulled the foil off. They didn't want to leave me! A quick swipe with a clean cotton pad soaked in acetone got rid of them. I should also mention that Too Too Hot came off super easy with no staining. Some Essie reds have the tendency to hang around long after you want them gone. I couldn't be happier with this polish.


  1. I LOVE how you put it on a nail wheel like that!! Very beautiful glitter, I've been wanting this one for a while :P


    1. Thanks! I always like to experiment before I commit :P

  2. Gorgeous! And the wheel looks great all by itself.

  3. Love the nail wheel pics too :)