Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5(0) Shades of Grey

Like almost every other woman on this planet I have been breathlessly reading Fifty Shades of Grey and it occurred to me that I probably have close to fifty shades of gray polish (don't you dare roll your eyes at me!) However, since I only have five fingers on each hand I had to narrow it down to five shades for this ombré. A great number of them are actually more of a gray-taupe, so I limited it to the ones that were actually gray in the bottle, then lined them up according to shade. Then, to narrow it down even further, I chose by the polish names since so many of them seemed to tie in with themes and events in the book. Please forgive the condition of my cuticles — they have been much abused of late.
Tie me up! Tie me down!
From pinky to thumb I used Sally Hansen's Eel Skin, because what could be more phallic than an eel? Then OPI's French Quarter For Your Thoughts, because so much of the start of Ana and Christian's relationship involved them both wondering what the other was thinking. China Glaze's Hook and Line next, to reflect that fateful seafood dinner in the private dining room at the Heathman Hotel, followed by Revlon's Smoldering, because... do I really need to explain that one? Finally ending with Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, because, hey! Sinful!

Of the five I think I like French Quarter For Your Thoughts the best; it has a nice corporate look to it that goes really well with my skin tone. The duo-chrome of Smoldering is interesting, though, constantly shifting between silver and purple. Eel Skin is also nice, if a bit too cool in tone for me, but I'm sure it will do very well as a base for layering. Hook and Line has a peculiar slimy quality to it that I can't really explain; not in the way it feels or anything, but something in the way the polish flowed during application put me in mind of eels slithering in a riverbed. That one would have been much more appropriately named "eel skin," IMHO. Secret Admirer is a basic black with little silver shimmers in it that actually looks quite nice with China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over it for a little extra oomph.

If you haven't yet read EL James' trilogy, give it a try. You know you want it...


  1. I have French Quarter For Your Thoughts and I love it! I want to try Smoldering though!

    1. Smoldering as a great duo on its own, but I'm also going to try it layered over black and/or navy. I think it will shine there, too!

  2. French Quarter For Your Thoughts is beautiful! I'm very drawn to the blue notes in Eel Skin though too.