Friday, April 27, 2012

Fancy Friday- butter LONDON- The Black Knight

For this week's Fancy Friday (the one day a week where we show off our fancy $10+ lacquers), I have another butter LONDON color for you.

The Black Knight

butter LONDON describes The Black Knight as "A dark dazzler from butter LONDON, this glitter fusion lacquer contains black, pink, blue, and silver suspended in a black base."

The Black Knight is pretty gorgeous. But it is thick. Too thick. Bad thick. I knew from the last time I wore this color that it needed some underwear. One coat doesn't give full opacity and building up this polish makes inches of layers on your nails. Plus the black base ends up swallowing a lot of glitter and it dries dull on the nail. The glitter dries gritty too. One coat of The Black Knight over  a black creme is perfect.

Now, I started with the basics. The fancy basics. I picked up butter LONDON's Tops and Tails kit a couple of weeks ago and this is my first time trying it with a butter LONDON polish. I tried it once with another brand and it didn't go so well. I'll save that review for another time.

Tops and Tails set is available for $25

The square caps come off
As far as black goes, everyone reading this needs to throw out their go-to black polish RIGHT NOW and go buy Sinful Colors Black on Black. It's $.99 this week at Walgreens! Only until tomorrow (4/28/12) though, so go quick!

Oh did I mention it's also a ONE-COATER? Yeah. The pictures below are one coat, no top coat. Perfect underwear for layering polishes AND perfect for stamping. And it retails for $1.99 so even if you miss the sale, you're good.

ONE bald spot. Not bad for a black polish under $2
After my black underwear dried (ha!), I added one coat of The Black Knight. I took a few pictures before adding a top coat so you guys can see the difference.

Kind of dull for glitter, no?

Since I already knew The Black Knight dries super gritty (seriously, there's a sandpaper thing going on here), I added one coat of Gelous and then finished with bL's Hardwear top coat.

Even after Gelous and a top coat, it's a little bumpy
So overall, this isn't my favorite polish. It looked so promising in the bottle too! My Aunt Judy bought it for me when it was released over the holidays. I picked it out! I had such high hopes! I do love the look of it over black because microglitters are pretty much always awesome. But at the same time I feel like there's a similar glitter polish out there with a clear base and that if I layered it over black it would look the same. It also probably wouldn't be as bumpy.

The good news? The Hardwear topcoat worked out much better on a butter LONDON polish. It was dry to the touch in minutes and rock hard about an hour later.

butter LONDON polishes and treatments are available at butter LONDON's website, Nordstrom, and Ulta


  1. I love this! I really do. I really want that black too! It's a darn shame I don't have a Walgreens! I thoroughly enjoyed this Fancy Friday post!

    1. Fancy Friday is my favorite! Target and Rite Aid have Sinful too

  2. I've got this coming in the post soon, I hope its not too bad! It does look so pretty though

    1. It's really a gorgeous polish! The formula is just a mess.

  3. Ah i'm sad to hear about this since i most definetely want The Black Knight in my stash! But from your pictures it still looks very pretty even if not exactly like the bottle, still i understand how you're feeling. :) **

  4. I'm sad to hear it's so thick :( This has been a big lemming of mine!

  5. Pretty! Too bad about the formula!

  6. It's pretty but I don't think it's worth all that money especially with a rubbish formula! But I've just been let down by both BLs I've tried so I'm bias :P

    1. That's exactly it! It's SO pretty but the formula makes it not worth it. I'd be excited if this was a drug store polish.