Friday, April 13, 2012

Dollish Polish - Zombie Flesh

Today I have an amazing Dollish Polish, Zombie Flesh.  I'll be honest, I bought this polish because I thought it looked cool in the bottle, not because I thought it would be flattering on me.  I expected to swatch it, take it off and then stare at the bottle in my collection.  Yes, I am that obsessed.  But when I put it on, I loved it.  It's gorgeous and actually really flattering and nuetral.  It's a cool gray-army green-khaki with black, green and gold micro glitter and larger black hexes.

I used Seche Base and Top and 3 smooth easy coats of Zombie Flesh.  I had some tip wear 24 hours later.  I'm not sure if it's the Seche or the polish.  I think I'm blaming Seche.  Or maybe I need to start wrapping my tips better and see what happens.

My cuticles seriously look like zombie hands.  I took these pictures one minute after I put on Solar Oil.  They are that bad.  Go ahead, judge me.  I'll moisturize more from now on.

No hexes on my pinkie!  Sad.

Bottle shot to show the micro glitter.  The polish is not this bright green on the nail.
Mini means MINI. 

Here is the description from Dolly's Etsy site:  Inspired by both my love for all things zombie and the amazing TV show, The Walking Dead. Blend in unnoticed with your local zombie horde with this sickly Grey/Green shade, bursting with medium Black hexagons and ultra fine glitters in various shades of green....or is that just some body pieces that fell into the polish? Ewwww!

She doesn't mention that there is also ultra fine GOLD glitter which takes this polish to another level.  The black hexes were a little sparse for my liking.  I tried to fish around and roll the bottle but it just wasn't happening for me. Maybe it was because of the mini bottle.  I had the same problem with Put A Ring On It and when I see other swatches, they have more of the medium hexes so maybe a full size bottle would solve the problem.

Overall, I'm in love with this polish.  I think the color is super cool, the application other than the hex issue was fabulous and super smooth.  The glitter still pops after 3 coats.  I could have gotten away with two coats but I went for a third to see if I could get more black hexes. Dollish Polish can be purchased on Etsy but I believe she is moving her store to a new site.  Sign up to be notified by email when she posts an update.  I have my wish list ready for the next time she opens up!


  1. Wow. I love all things zombie so I love the name but the polish is so flattering on you! Really, really nice.

    I totally understand the polish looking thing. The following conversation played out recently after I answered the phone.

    Friend: Hey! What are you doing?
    Me: Um, nothing.
    Friend: No. Really. What are you doing?
    Me: Um, oogling my polishes?
    Friend: You're ridiculous!

    I can't help it though. They're so pretty they entrance me. =)

    1. Yes! My husband caught me flipping through my nail swatch sticks the other night and he was like you've totally lost it. I needed inspiration for my next mani!