Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cult Nails and Lynnderella Nail Mail!!

When Maria from Cult Nails announced she was going to be having a $5 sale, I knew it was time to jump on my first Cult Nails purchase! Limited Edition colors were still going to be full price ($10). At first, they were only going to allow two colors for $5 but the day before the sale she bumped it up to three bottles! Unfortunately, I missed the memo and I'm kind of bummed. But I still got these three beauties!

Toxic Seaweed (LE so I paid full price), My Kind of Cool Aid, Quench

Toxic Seaweed bottle porn

My Kind of Cool Aid bottle porn

Toxic Seaweed is completely sold out now so Maria's description of the color isn't on her site anymore. Though I think it kind of speaks for itself! Jelly base! Glitter! Flakies! My Kind of Cool Aid was Cult Nails very first color and Maria describes it as "a purple/gray, described as "gravender", creme polish with a delicate shimmer." Click to enlarge the pictures and see the full macro glory! Quench is a "sexy yet classic red" and I pretty much just needed to have it in my collection. And it's a jelly! I seriously can't wait to wear these colors. 

Maria will be doing another $5 sale in a few weeks. Some of her polishes (including the new collection) were on backorder during the last sale so she's going to be offering them for $5 once they are restocked! Seriously, how amazing is this woman?

Yesterday was full of firsts, not only did my Cult Nails arrive, but my very first Lynnderella polishes did too!! Lynnderella is ONLY available through Llarowe and they are still nearly impossible to get. Llarowe uses a wish list system and only accepts wish lists at certain times. Erin and I were lucky enough to have our wish lists accepted during the first round. The system Llarowe uses is still impossible to understand. Erin's list was accepted before mine and mine was fulfilled before hers. It's a last name/availability based system. It's a good thing Erin and I know how to share! I only had two colors on my list. At $15 a pop, I couldn't reasonably add any more!

Look at Lynderella's signature "secret shimmer"

One coat

Two coats

I did have a macro bottle porn picture of Nosegay but when I uploaded it it was crazy blurry. So I owe you guys a macro! As you can see, I swatched Nosegay on a clear nail and Connect the Dots on a white nail. I like to swatch glitters that have a clear base on the white nails so they have a background. Nosegay has a sheer milky lavender base that definitely shows, it's just hard to see against the white background of my light box.

I'm really in love with these colors and I totally understand the NEED for Lynnderella polishes now. I was pretty bummed at Lynn's reaction to finding out a dupe of CTD was being sold on another site. If you don't know about the drama, allow me to summarize- she let the nail polish community know she was upset that people were making money off of her ideas and closed her blog.

I'll just add this link to show how Maria handled it when she found out a dupe of one of her colors was being sold at Icing. (Hint- She handled it very well and I look forward to buying more from her in the future!!)

Let's put all the nail polish drama behind us already. And seriously, the fact that nail polish drama is even a thing is funny. So let's just all ooh and ahh at the pretty sparkly colors!

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  1. Ooooo! CtD and Nose Gay. They are both on my wish list too! Among a bunch of others. . . :) Super happy I got Toxic Seaweed before it sold out! I love really love the other two colors you chose too!

    1. I love all of these colors so much I just want to do my nails twice a day so I can try them all! Today I settled on Color Club- Hydrangea Kiss with Nosegay overtop. I'll post pictures soon!!