Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue Monday: Nubar Boyfriend Jeans

Since I have so many blue polishes, I thought I might showcase one each week for a Blue Monday post, starting with Nubar's Boyfriend Jeans. As usual, I found out about the Les Jeans de Chanel collection about a year after they came and went and fell in love with Blue Boy. But, fortunately for me, in that time period Nubar released dupes of the collection and I was able to get all three colors for less than the cost of one Chanel! (I love a bargain...)
Here's the whole set in its somewhat battered plastic case.
I really like the faded denim color of Boyfriend Jeans — it's different enough from the other blues in my collection in that it's a more muted shade of a medium blue. I also liked that it's a creme, so I can either wear it as is or embellish it with any number of effects polishes layered over it. Essie's Luxeffects and Finger Paints Special Effects come to mind...
The tone makes it almost a neutral, don't you think?
The formula was a bit thinner than I'm used to, which meant that it leveled well, but did bleed into my cuticles a bit, as you can see from my photos. I find blue to be a really hard color to clean up because the pigments show so strongly against my skin color. I used three coats here, with my usual Seche Vite topcoat. It wore pretty well through two days of work, although I did find that it began to look faded for some reason by the time I took it off. Maybe I was just bored with it at that point.
Label shot.
Bottle shot, with the rest behind. Yes, I should have put the lighter one on the right. Shoot me.
I really like that polish companies are duping the designer brands, for a number of reasons. First of all, naturally, is the price. A polish would have to be amazing and unique for me to justify spending upwards of $25 on a single bottle. Also, I hardly ever empty a bottle of polish, so it's not worth spending the money when I can get "close enough" for so much less. I understand that formulas are different and that there are little extras, like subtle shimmers, that might be in the original, but it's rarely been enough of a draw for me to shell out the big bucks. So far, KOH Blue Universe has been the only one to even tempt me, and that's only because I have a friend who is heading over to the Netherlands for a few weeks and she has promised to look for it, if possible.

But never fear — I have plenty of blues to get through the rest of the year, at least!


  1. I love these!! So, pretty! The only Nubar I have is Green Grass Glitter. I might need to look for these!

    1. I got it on Amazon for $17. I'm pretty sure there were plenty available.

  2. Boyfriend jeans is beautiful! I want it!

  3. loving them!!! i agree, neutral!!!