Friday, March 9, 2012

Sally Hansen "Desert Clay"

Sally Hansen Desert Clay
My nails had been getting a bit too long so it was time to trim them back. I normally use that period of short, stubby nails to let them "breathe" and condition the hell out of my cuticles, but I had seen this lovely dusty rose color at RiteAid and snapped it up. It's not quite a "mannequin hands" color but it was still pale enough to blend in with my skin tone nicely. I have an awful lot of these dusty rose shades, so I may have to do a post someday, comparing them in all their infinite glory.

Application was a breeze, barely requiring any clean-up at all. Two coats to fully opaque and a nice shine, although I still added a coat of Seche Vite for that extra shine. The line says "nail growth miracle" which hasn't been an issue for me so I'm not sure how to judge how well it lives up to that promise; I'm more interested in tip wear because of all my tapping at computer keys.
I just love this color!
OK, so two days later I was seeing quite a bit of tip wear but I think if I had applied another top coat each night as I usually do it would have been fine. I have a vast quantity of new colors I want to try out so I haven't even been trying to make my manicures last more than a few days!


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