Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick Haul Post!

I just signed up to be a Julep Maven and my first box arrived yesterday. Every month for $19.99 they send you a box with two of their nail colors and one of their mani/pedi products. You can also opt for the It Girl box that has three nail colors. Tracy from Trace Face Philes posted a coupon code (MARCHINTRO) to get your first box for $.01 so I figure why not?

My first Classic With A Twist box had Brooke and Jennifer. The bottles are a fun shape and I like that they will store in my Helmer easily :) but they are smaller than I expected. They are only .27oz, a little over half the size of a full-sized bottle. Brooke is a super sheer purple layering polish with lots of pink and gold shimmer. Jennifer is a sheer nude pink. I think I'll use these for part of the Girly Girl Challenge we are doing this month. So far, the glycolic hand scrub is AWESOME and I'd probably pay full price for it.

I also picked up a few Zoyas from Jenna Froggy's blog sale! I can't believe they arrived so fast. Seriously, I ordered these Tuesday night and they arrived with Friday's mail. Thanks Jenny! I can't wait to try them.

Creamy, Lotus, Piper, Caitlin

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