Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orly Nite Owl

I've been doing an awful lot of blue manis lately and I wanted to take a break before my order of a London's Lady of the Lake showed up, so this time I went back to a neutral shade to "cleanse my palate," so to speak. I had been reading a lot about Orly's Fowl Play, but when I went to Ulta it turns out that it's a dupe of OPI Merry Midnight, which was one of my dusty finds a while ago so I didn't need that. However, in that same area my eye was drawn toward Nite Owl, a lovely taupe-beige shade. I like how there are little glimmers in it to add dimension — I find I'm getting bored with straight creme polishes these days and want a little something extra, no matter how subtle!
Orly Nite Owl
This was the first Orly polish I've used and I really liked it! It was the easiest application I've had in a long time and clean-up was minimal. It flowed well enough to fill in the brush strokes, yet not so much that it flooded the cuticles. Really nice! This is two coats plus a top coat of SV.
I love the extra dimension you get from the micro-glitter!
Close-up of the bottle to show the glimmers.
As I was putting it on, however, it seemed awfully familiar, so I checked my stash. Sure enough, it was extremely close to butter LONDON's All Hail The Queen! It was different enough to warrant keeping, however. (Can't have too many neutrals!) I've been wearing it for two days, tapping at a keyboard most of the time, and there's no sign of tip wear yet so it beats out AHTQ on that score.
Here's the label, so you know what to look for.
And here's the bottle, so show the distinctive Orly shape.
Orly was never really on my radar before but I definitely have to put them on my list when I'm checking for something new. I'm really pleased with this choice!


  1. This is gorgeous! I need more Orlys. I didn't buy any from this Birds of a Feather collection but now I kinda want them all. ;)

    1. Amanda, you really should! I'm on day three now with no noticeable tip wear, so I'm really impressed with this one.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm certainly going to try some more after this one!

  3. Ooo I really like this one! I don't have a lot of neutrals in my collection so I think that's as good of an excuse as any to go on a scavenger hunt for this pretty Orly :)