Monday, March 5, 2012

Nerd Lacquer - Pinin' for the Fjords

Today I have another Nerd Lacquer polish for you and I am OBSESSED.  This is the second time I've painted my nails with Nerd Lacquer and the second time that I loved the polish in the bottle and then was blown away by it on my nails.
Indirect sunlight

I'll start with the lovely Amanda's description of Pinin' for the Fjords:  PININ’ FOR THE FJORDS is a sparkling Norwegian blue with lavender and silver glitter, small and medium sky blue hexagonal glitter, charcoal micro glitter, and large silver hex glitter. Beautiful plumage, though not much of a conversationalist. You might have to nail this shade to your fingers to keep it on.
So super shiny


This polish is just so...pretty.  Seriously, that's the best description.  I've been having some issues with glitter lately.  It's annoying to take off and sometimes I look down at my nails and think, "whoa...this polish is just garish and I look like a teenager."  But this glitter polish is neither of those things.  It's soft and feminine and sparkly.  It's a perfect periwinkle blue with all those gorgeous glitters in it.  This polish has an unexpected surprise twist!  It almost looks like a glitter gradient.  I'm not sure why or how but it does.  And I love it.
Bottle porn!


I used Bridge the Ridge base, two coats of Pinin' for the Fjords, two (yes, two) coats of Gelous and one coat of SV.  This polish is hungry.  It definitely needed two coats of Gelous and now it's smooth as glass.  But it is thick.  I believe that this polish may never come off my nails.  And when it does, it's going to be a battle.  But it's all worth it.

I continue to be super impressed with everything I see from Nerd Lacquer.  Is she going to take over as the reigning Glitter Franken Queen?  Only time will tell.  Keep buying her polishes people!  Nerd Lacquer's Etsy Shop is currently closed so get on her mailing list and get some when it opens.  It's my dream to have her entire library.


  1. That's so pretty. Granted anything that has to do with Monty Python is going to be good/pretty/amazing/stellar/smashing/gorgeous/etc. in my books :P