Friday, March 23, 2012

My Dusty Find of the Year!

After hearing about the finds that Anna & Erin got poking around in the used polishes at salons, I decided to give it a try myself. Even though I live in a small town, it seems that there is a nail salon every 100 yards or so, so it was worth a shot, right? When I went to the bank yesterday I saw a salon tucked into the corner of that strip mall so I went in and asked if they sold their old polishes; the woman said they did so I checked over their stock. I saw a couple that caught my eye, OPI Merry Midnight and DS Glamour. Now, I've lost track of which of the DS series are current and which are discontinued, so I texted Anna and she said it was selling on ebay for $55! I got them both for an amazing $3 each! I had been thinking that it might be a nice base for another attempt at duping KOH Blue Universe, but it wasn't until I was out in the daylight that I saw the holographics of DS Glamour and I understood the appeal.
Check out those holos!
Unfortunately, the bottle was only about a third full and it was kind of thick and gloopy, so I think I may need to add some restore to it. But, still...  only $3!!! Look at it in close-up:
This is a day later, so there's a bit of tip wear
I am so upset that this gorgeous polish has been discontinued and that my bottle probably only has a few more manicures left in it, but I console myself in that the true beauty of it is really only revealed in direct sunlight, so I will save it for when I will be outside more than usual. Indoors — where I am found most of the time — it is actually very similar to Milani's Sail Away (see below) so I do have that as a back-up when I want this color. I'm still going to try layering Asylum over DS Glamour to see how well it dupes KOH Blue Universe, but for now I want to enjoy it in its own unique loveliness.
DS Glamour on nails, Sail Away in bottle, indirect light


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I tried a few other salons that day but none of the others would sell off their old stock. And one had OPI My Private Jet! (But I don't think it was the holo version...)

  2. Glamour is right! Im still ogling the pics!

  3. OOooh. Wow, good find. Even if it does only get you a gew manicures, they will be stunning ones!