Thursday, March 29, 2012

Max Factor- Fantasy Fire!

So today is my 28th birthday. Eek! I feel like that's got to be a mistake. Someone must have miscalculated somewhere. There's no way it's possible.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an early birthday present in the mail. Two(!) bottles of Fantasy Fire, the Max Factor dupe of Clarins 230 aka "Unicorn Pee", only available in the UK. Clarins 230 hasn't been available for years and costs about a million dollars on eBay. Max Factor is a drug store brand in the UK so it's not very expensive at all, it's just in very high demand and pretty hard to come by. Plenty of eBayers jack up the price for those of us on the other side of the pond who are going crazy for this polish!

Itty bitty bottles!
Fantasy Fire is a sheer blue/purple polish that flashes red, gold, copper and green depending on the light. It's gorgeous! Seriously, just look at that bottle! I've seen some swatches of it after 4 or 5 coats and while it's very pretty on its own, I think it's better as a layering polish. The most common layering I've seen is over a true blue like Revlon Royal, or over black. It really allows all of the color shifts to show!

The bottles of Fantasy Fire are teeny tiny so I'm pretty excited to have a backup. I feel like I used half the bottle just on this manicure and a few nail wheel layering swatches!

Since I have seen FF over Revlon Royal, I knew it looked great but I wanted to try a purple. I chose China Glaze Grape Pop, which I picked up during one of my wholesale hauls. One of the problems with the wholesale store is that a lot of the polishes are kind of old. Not in a "dusty find" kind of way, but more of a "there's so much inventory in this store, no one has touched this bottle for 3 years and all of the pigment separated" kind of way. So Grape Pop was pretty thick and needed a few drops of thinner to even out. 

Two coats by the window

Grape Pop photographs much more blue than it looks in real life

I applied one coat of Fantasy Fire and topped it off with some Poshe before heading out the door. I wanted to try to conserve this polish! But with only one coat, it didn't have the sparkle I wanted from it. I tried taking a few pictures with my iPhone to send to Robin and Erin but it just didn't have the "wow factor" I knew it could. So I added another coat in the morning and took these pictures without a top coat. Enjoy! I tried to capture all of the color shifts so there are plenty of pictures ahead :)

Some more bottle porn but check out the thumb nail up there!
So yeah, this stuff is pretty amazing. I'm just so sad the bottles are so little, I'm kind of afraid to use it!


  1. At least you have dazzling nails to distract from how old and decrepit you are now. ;-) Happy birthday!

  2. I want Fantasy Fire so badly! It's gorgeous!

  3. This is so pretty! I wish they sold it in the states! My sister is going to England this summer and I'm sending some money and a list of nail polish with her. :-)

    1. Great idea! Can we send a list with her too?? LOL ;)

  4. I live in the UK and I love these polishes too :) Glad our polishes are getting some love! ahah