Monday, March 19, 2012


After this week I was in desperate need of some retail therapy. Don't worry, I didn't ONLY buy polish. I bought practical things too! They just have no place on this blog :)

Dollar Store duo- Purple Pizzazz, Lime Lights
 I found these lovelies at a random dusty store I wandered into. I couldn't believe my luck! Tease-y Does It must not have been closed all the way and a little bit leaked out on the ride home. You can see the blob at the base of the cap. Oh well!
DS Perfection, He's Going In Circles and Tease-y Does It

The rest of these are from my favorite (only) nail supply wholesale store. I was hoping they'd have the new OPI Soft Shades but not yet. Guess I'll just have to go back...
I'm always up for trying new base coats

Bordeaux and Prism (from the new Prismatic Collection) for Erin

Strawberry Fields, Midtown Magic

Full sized bottle of Save Me
(I already have the mini- swatches here!)
 Color Club holos!
Revvvolution, Wild At Heart, Worth The Risque, Love Em/Leave Em

Wild Orchid, Catwalk Queen, Wild and Willing

Cold Metal, Ms. Socialite


  1. What a fantastic haul! Some really great finds. I wish I had dusty stores anywhere near me. It sounds so fun to go rooting through them.
    I use the Orly Bonder as my base coat and I absolutely love it. Nails never chip and seem ridiculously stong.

    1. These didn't come from a true "dusty"! I wandered into a nail salon and asked them if they sold polish too. She pointed to her OPI display but the rack of polishes they use for manis was next to it so I looked through both! The DS Perfection is new but the other two are used. (The rest are from another store, I'll edit the post to make sure that's clear!)
      It was my first attempt and the lady was really nice and gave me great prices. I've read that's not always the case though! Plus some of the polishes were NOT what they were labeled as being. Good thing I had my iPhone with me to check. It's always worth a shot. Good luck :)

    2. Haha, no, sorry! I don't think you need to worry about your post. I just read two haul posts in a row and somehow managed to get myself all confuzzled.

      Still, some great polishes and good tip on the in-store lookup!

  2. Nice haul, great selection there!