Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Day 6 - Who Inspires You?

Anna and I decided to tag team this post.  Our blog is called Polished Cousins so we looked to our family to inspire us.  Check it out!

Erin:  Today we have Day 6 of the Girly Girl Challenge and the theme is "Who Inspires You?"  This challenge took some thought.  Celebrities don't inspire me.  I don't follow politics.  So I started to think about my family.  My Mom-Mom turns 90 this year.  Yes, that's right, 90.  And my Dad-Dad is 94.  And not an old 94, a 94 that looks like 74.  He has an Iphone 4S, drives and works in his garden everyday.  Mom-Mom is a true matriarch of our family.  She brings everyone together, she truly accepts all of us for who we are and I can only hope to be a sliver of how awesome she is when I'm 90.  My 31 year old hands look just like Mom-Mom's hands, long nail beds and skinny, bony fingers.  I like to keep my nails shorter because the nail beds are so long that they start to look like fake nails fast.  But I let my nails grow a little, filed them just like Mom-Mom, round and pointy and painted them one of  her colors, a shiny pink frost. 

Round nails.  I cut and filed them back to normal 10 hours later.

This is the pink frost polish from the 10 Things I Hate About You post

Anna:  This mani was inspired by my great aunt. She was the first person who ever took me to get a REAL manicure. When I was little, sometimes my mom would take me to my great aunt's house for her to watch me during the day. I mostly remember playing with her awesome bubble toys in the back yard (and her television set with an actual "clicker") but sometimes she would take me with her to run errands too. My favorite days were when she took me to the "beauty parlor" with her. She'd sit under the dryer smiling at me while the ladies who worked there painted my fingers and toes. Little girls weren't getting professional manicures in those days so it was pretty exciting for me. They'd always paint my tiny nails with a soft pink color and dot little flowers on each one. So in honor of my great aunt, I painted my nails with Finger Paints Pop Rocks Pink (from their new Gumdrops and Lollipops collection) and dotted flowers on top with Color Club- He Loves Me.

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  1. Those flowers are so sweet! Your grandparents sound just like mine, my Nan is almost 90 and she's still driving, using a mobile phone and being generally cheeky and adventurous :)

    1. Love it! Our grandfather always makes fun of the "old people" that live near them. He's probably 15 years older than most of them!

  2. What lovely nails! I love who your role models are!