Monday, March 19, 2012

A England - Princess Tears

After I got my first bottle of A England St. George I knew I needed more.  And more and more and more.  I seriously want every color Adina has ever made.  But I'll start with Princess Tears.  I love reading nail blogs but they have really made a picky shopper!  After reading every review of every color in the Legends Collection that I could find, I settled on Princess Tears.  It's an awesome lavender gray holo.  I never thought I would be a holo fan since I don't love rainbow type polishes but this kind of rainbow polish is so cool.  Inside it looks like a pretty, sparkly lavender.  But outside its a glowy rainbow.  This post is pic heavy...get ready.

Indirect sunlight

See that annoying air bubble on my ring finger? Blah.  But look at the holo in the bottle!

Glowy rainbow

Direct sunlight

Such a gorgeous simple bottle

Blurred out macro so you can see the holo (and another damn bubble!)

The formula on this polish is like butter.  I think A England is by far my favorite formula.  It's so smooth and perfect.  I did have a few bubbles in it but I blame my base coat.  I used a Ridge Filler by the same brand that makes Gelous.  I don't even know who makes it.  The brush was all wonky and I didn't like the way it dried.  I've been using the China Glaze base now and I like it way better.  I'll try again and see how that base works.  I also apologize for the crappy clean up job in this pictures.  I didn't realize how much I got on my cuticles until I saw the pictures.

A England is available in the US on Llarowe for $12 a bottle.  Don't buy every color.  I still need to get more.


  1. i own this, and i definitely feel like it's worth the price. it's flashy but subtle at the same time, if that makes sense? i always get a ton of compliments when i wear it!

    1. That makes total sense. You can still wear it to work and not feel like you have crazy nails. I love it.

  2. Ugh, I just got my first order of A-Englands in and I HATE the brushes =( I can't work with them at all. They are too big and too soft for my liking. I need to see if I can find other brushes that would fit so I can actually use them!