Saturday, March 3, 2012

China Glaze- White Cap

I have to show you guys the greatest thing I discovered this morning. The ladies from Polish Ninja and Packer Lacquer have launched an AMAZING website to sell "unique polish at the best price"! They have so many amazing brands- A england, Glitter Gal, HITS, Jessica, Ludurana, NerdLacquer, Ozotic, Picture Polish and MORE! Their prices are amazing and I'm having a hard time resisting a huge haul.

So go visit them at Ninja Polish and load up your stash!!

Ok, now on the the greatest thing I discovered a few weeks ago. I found a wholesale nail supply store nearby that sells to the public! Seriously, this place was a little overwhelming.

Aisles upon aisles of nail polish! Boxes on the floor overflowing with products! Wholesale prices! I did a good bit of damage. Check out our Facebook page to see my haul pics. I'm really glad this place is a little bit of a drive away and I have to make an effort to get there. If it was a place I could just stop by on my way home from work, I'd be in serious trouble. Erin and I are taking a trip back on Monday. Robin is in a different state so we will be shopping for her :)

My first swatch from my haul is China Glaze- White Cap. This is probably meant to be a layering polish but I've been wearing so many dark colors lately, I wanted something lighter. White Cap is from China Glaze's Anchors Away collection (Spring 2011). It's a milky white base loaded with glassy gold shimmer. At first glance on the nail it just looks gold. I love it!

Artificial light

I doubled up on my Essie Protein Base Coat to whiten my nail and used three thick layers to get this look. The polish has a nice consistency and I really like China Glaze's brush. It's not as wide as OPI's brush but it fans out easily. 

By the window

Close up on the nail

Bottle shot

Does anyone else have a hard time staying in the lines with lighter polishes like this? I feel like I do double clean up on these kinds of polishes compared to dark colors!

My China Glaze Hunger Games polishes are on their way to me (fingers crossed they get here today!) so watch out for that post soon.

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