Saturday, February 4, 2012

OPI DS Classic

Anna, Erin, and I are cousins who spend far too much time on our fingernails! We were texting each other so much about new finds and commenting so often on each other's various Pinterest pins that we decided to start our own blog and do it all here. (But feel free to link our posts to Pinterest if you see something you like!)
I prep my manicures with Blue Cross cuticle remover
I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new OPI Dutch collection — especially Gouda, Gouda Two Shoes and Wooden Shoe Like to Know? which I discovered on FashionPolish, my favorite nail polish blog (love her photos!) — so this week I decided to do my nails in my all-time favorite OPI color, DS Classic, because the first time I used it I couldn't stop looking at my hands, I loved it so much. (It makes my fingers look long, slender, and graceful, like my cousin's, and not as short and stubby as they actually are.) I want to see if I end up liking the new colors better or keep coming back to my old fave. It applies beautifully, with either one coat as an accent or two coats for more opaque coverage. It tends to look better with a couple of coats of top coat, IMHO, but that's personal preference. By the way, have you downloaded the OPI iPhone app yet?
So, here it is — what do you think?

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