Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sinful Colors- You Just Wait

Happy Valentine's Day! I have a longer OPI Nicki Minaj collection post coming but I wanted to show off my Valentine's Day manicure first.

I finally got my hands on a Konad. If you don't know, Konad is a stamping system for super easy nail art. I picked my double-ended stamper up on Amazon for under $3 and a set of off-brand plates for around $18. The Konad brand plates tend to run around $6 a piece!

Konad sells special polishes that are super pigmented and easier to use with stamping. As soon as my kit arrived, I started testing the polishes I already own to see which ones would work well.

Most metallics work great!

Artificial light
Not all stamps came out as well...

I need to work on my aim
 So for my Valentine's Day manicure, I opted for my new Sinful Colors- You Just Wait. I love me some cheap drugstore nail polish. Walgreens has Sinful Colors on sale this week for $.99!!

By the window

This color is pretty sheer and I achieved this look with 3 coats. I think this will work great as a fun  topcoat too. I also learned that Seche Vite causes some serious shrinkage with it. I haven't noticed this with too many other Sinful Colors so maybe it's just these sheer ones.

Artificial light- Stamped with SinfulColors- Snow Me White
Isn't it cute? I still need to work on my aim a bit, but I am SO HAPPY with my Konad purchase.

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  1. I love the lacy tips! A really nice delicate sort of thing for a Funky French.