Saturday, February 11, 2012

OPI San Tan-tonio

OPI San Tan-tonio
I'd mentioned other browns that I have and like better than Wooden Shoe Like To Know? so I thought I'd swatch this one. San Tan-tonio is a fabulous warm caramel-ly brown, like café au lait. It blends in with my skin tones enough that it makes my stubby fingers look longer, yet still looks "finished" and not bare. I love it for when I've got to trim my nails down shorter. I forgot to turn the bottle so you can see the label, but it's obviously another OPI. Love them! This is like cashmere coats for my fingertips.

It's a creme color so there are no shimmers, but it does lend itself well to layering and it's a neutral enough shade that you could get lots of different effects depending on how you chose to layer it. I'm thinking a funky French with charcoal gray tips might be interesting and tweedy. I'll have to look for a gray in the same tone range...

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