Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OPI- Nicki Minaj Collection

I picked up this set of OPI Nicki Minaj minis at a random hair salon for $12.50. The colors of this collection aren’t what I’d usually go for so I figured starting with the mini set was the best option. The front of the box says the colors included are Did It On Em’, Fly, Pink Friday, and Metallic 4 Life. See?

The box LIES. That glitter on the end is called Save Me.

I started swatching the colors on a nail wheel and kind of fell in love with how they all complement each other. I went on Amazon and ordered the two colors missing from this mini set, Metallic 4 Life and Super Bass, before the nail wheels were even dry. 

First, I want to remind everyone that mini bottles come with their own set of problems. The tops are more difficult to screw on and off, the brushes are tiny, and holding on to the short top can make it hard to control what you’re trying to do. I tried to ignore these things for my review.

While I was waiting for my mailman to bring me the last two polishes of the collection, I figured I’d give myself a fun Nicki Minaj manicure to hold me over for a few days. As usual, I started with OPI Base Coat and ended with SV top coat.

I decided on Fly with an accent nail of Pink Friday with Save Me on top. Fly is a pretty standard teal crème. I have a nearly identical color from Sinful Colors, Savage. I have some issues with Savage (I’ll post a full review one of these days) so it looks like Fly is my new go-to teal. I’ll probably even purchase the full-sized bottle. The formula was wonderful, smooth and pigmented enough that two coats almost gave me full opacity. I had just a couple bald spots here and there so I went for the full three coats. I’ll blame this on the tiny top and brush of the mini bottle.

Pink Friday was much thicker. The second coat dragged from the cuticle and the formula was just goopy overall. I usually shy away from pinks but the color is just the right shade of bubble gum for me. I settled on three thin(ish) coats being good enough since I knew I was about to attack it with glitter.

Save Me is definitely a new favorite glitter to add to my collection. I will most likely be purchasing the full-sized bottle of this one too. The clear base is loaded with tiny pieces of silver glitter, holo bar glitter and bright blue bar glitter. The overall effect is silver with small pops of blue in different lights.
This manicure wore pretty well with only minimal tip wear on my right hand after 3 days. The best part? Hardly any staining at ALL from Fly! This is a serious accomplishment from a blue polish. I actually didn’t notice any staining until I went into my bathroom to check under the white light in there. Even then it was minimal. Another swipe of polish remover with a clean cotton ball finished the job.

I wanted to try swatching these colors with pictures of each coat but it was so time consuming. That's the big reason this post took me so long to get together. If people want to see pictures of each coat, I'll gladly keep doing it but until someone speaks up I'm sticking to my usual method.

All of these pictures are taken under artificial light.

Did It On Em'- One Coat

Did It On Em'- Two Coats

Did It On Em'- Three Coats
Did It On Em' is a color I will probably never wear again. As you can see, it's not exactly the best color for my pale skin. Yellow/greens tend to make me look like a zombie. Neon yellow/greens make me look like a zombie who's ready to go to a rave.

Pink Friday- One Coat

Pink Friday- Two Coats

Pink Friday- Three coats with a glitter accent nail

Sinful Colors- Pinky Glitter on top
Like I said before, Pink Friday was a bit goopy. I really liked the look of this color with the Pinky Glitter on top and wore it for a couple days. I tried adding some polish thinner to Pink Friday and it completely saved it. I ended up turning this look into a pedicure with my newly thinned polish and it applied like a dream! Talk about a pink overload.

Fly- One coat 
Fly- Two coats
This time I was able to get away with two coats of Fly. I must be mastering my mini bottle application technique.

Look what arrived in the mail just in time to top off this manicure!

Super Bass with no top coat

Super Bass is a great plum crackle with a subtle pieces of small dark pink glitter. I'm not a huge crackle fan but when I tried this combination on my nail wheel it really stood out to me.

Super Bass- Seche Vite on top
Like any other crackle top coat, a thin coat will give you lots of little cracks and a thicker coat will give you fewer larger cracks. I used relatively thick coats above. I liked looking at this manicure so I kept it on for two whole days.

Metallic 4 Life- One coat

Metallic 4 Life- Two coats

Metallic 4 Life- Three coats
I've seen mixed reviews of this polish but I really loved it. I'm kind of a glitter junky and I found that the black jelly base didn't "swallow" the glitter at all. Every coat applied evenly and all the different sized silver glitter pieces showed with every brush stroke. I probably would wear this color with only two coats but I wanted to show how it looks at full opacity. I like the way it had more of a charcoal look at two coats.

I tried out each of the cremes with the crackle and glitters on top just to see how they turned out. You can click on the wheels to see the larger images

Artificial light

By the window
Don't worry, you're not going crazy. Sixteen, seventeen and eighteen on the wheels don't have any polish on them.

1. Save Me- two coats on its own
2. Did It On Em' with one coat of Save Me
3. Fly with one coat of Save Me
4. Pink Friday with one coat of Save Me
5. Metallic 4 Life with one coat of Save Me
6. Save Me with one (thin) coat of Super Bass
7. Did It On Em' with one coat of Super Bass
8. Fly with one coat of Super Bass
9. Pink Friday with one coat of Super Bass
10. Metallic 4 Life with one coat of Super Bass
11. Did It On Em' with one coat of Metallic 4 Life
12. Fly with one coat of Metallic 4 Life
13. Pink Friday with one coat of Metallic 4 Life
14. Random pattern from all three cremes with one coat of Metallic 4 Life
15. Random pattern from all three cremes with one coat of Super Bass

I was seriously not expecting to love this collection as much as I do. It's why I purchased the set of minis instead of the full-sized bottles to begin with. Looks like I'll end up with the full-sized bottles anyway! Except for Did It On Em', of course. Unless anyone knows of any zombie raves that are coming up. I'll bring my glow sticks.

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