Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nfu Oh- #51 and #41

Nfu Oh is a Korean line of polish that isn't very easy to come by in the states. As far as I know, is the only place to get them stateside and they ship for free! These babies were at my desk in two business days. I saw #51 on so many blogs and I just NEEDED it. I also picked out #41 based on a few swatches I saw online. This was my first try with flakey glitters. Lots of pictures ahead.
Nfu Oh- #51 and #41 in artificial light

The bottles are pretty cute. Took me a second to realize that they are supposed to look like a dress. I tried #51 first. Sadly, I was actually kind of disappointed in the formula. It took three relatively thick coats to get to the opacity I wanted. In the bottle the jelly base looks dark purple with flakes that flash mostly red, copper and pink. In different lights I could see some cooler colors too.
Even artificial light shows off all the flakey colors in the bottle!

On the nail it was a different story. Way more pink and way less blue on the nail. Of course the first two pictures below don't tell the same story. Apparently the camera on my iPhone doesn't like purple. Though I've heard lots of cameras don't like purple. Camera know-how is Robin's territory.

As far as application goes, the flakes got a little funky with each coat. Sometimes they'd flip over, sit up, or hang off the edge. This was my first flake polish so it totally could have been user error. I used one coat of Seche Vite on top and OPI base coat underneath. I got some shots in other lighting so you can see the purple and pink a bit better.

#51 is NOT this blue in real life.
Even though the base isn't the right color, you can see that the flakes really only show in one color
Ok, now we're on the right track as far as color accuracy
Mostly copper and pink flakes

By the window- MUCH more color accurate

Where were these flake colors the rest of the time?

My biggest complaint is massive tip wear and a chip within the first 24 hours! I didn’t even DO anything during the first 24 hours. I applied the manicure in the afternoon, stayed in the for evening and went to bed. By mid-morning the next day, I noticed the tip wear on my right hand. By the afternoon my right pointer had a chip on the side.

By the next day, even my left hand had tip wear. I never do anything with my left hand. It’s only good at getting manicures and posing for pictures. It’s not even that good at posing for pictures either. So while I love the look of #51, my first attempt with it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Maybe I should try it with a different base and top coat?

Left hand tip wear? Where did you come from?
Right hand tip wear in the first 24 hours
Poor tips. Maybe next time they'll do better
This attempt with #51 was very experimental. Since it didn't go as well as I hoped, I'll try to layer it next time. I didn't use the foil method to remove this manicure but I definitely should have. All those layers of flakes took FOR-EV-VER to get off. Overall, I loved the look of this polish but need to apply it with a different method.

On to the next!
#51 in artificial light
I saw a few swatches of #41 after a google image search and quickly added it to my FabulouStreet shopping cart. I wish I had actually clicked on some of them and read the reviews! I do love the color, but I had no idea from the swatches I saw online that in addition to the yellow flakies, the yellow jelly base has tiny yellow microglitter in it as well. Definitely a pleasant surprise, but still a surprise.

The first thing I did was swatch it on a color wheel. I loved the look of it on a bare nail and will definitely wear it alone in the Spring. I wanted to try it over a variety of colors but thought it would look best over a pink or purple, so they make up a good portion of the wheel*.

By the window 
Artificial light

I ended up choosing SinfulColors-Dream On as the base for my manicure. This is another one of those SinfulColors that randomly decided to have a matte finish and not tell me ahead of time. Are all SinfulColors bright cremes matte?

Two coats- Artificial light


Direct sunlight
This turned out to be a really fun manicure and it wore much better than #51 did on its own. I used the same OPI base coat and SV top coat. The typical removal method worked just fine to take off the polish.
Having better luck with #41 made me realize #51 might be better off as a layering polish as well. Maybe I’ll try another swatch wheel with it.

*Here are the wheel colors I used. All colors had two coats with a coat of #41 on top

1. Nfu Oh#41 (Two coats by itself)
2. Sinful ColorsEasy Going
3. NYCEmpire State Blue
4. Sally HansenPacific Blue
5. China GlazeStreet Chic
6. ZoyaRaven
7. Sinful ColorsHot Spot
8. RevlonRuby Ribbon
9. EssieBahama mama
10. Butter LondonQueen Vic
11. Wet n WildFuchsiaRama
12. Sinful ColorsDream On
13. Sinful ColorsCream Pink
14. IcingNo name
15. Wet n WildBlazed
16. Sinful ColorsCourtney Orange
17. RevlonTangerine
18. China GlazeFour Leaf Clover

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