Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nerd Lacquer - Regeneration

I heard about Nerd Lacquer on Pinterest, my main source of all things important.  When I checked out Amandas's Etsy shop, I knew I needed to have some.  As in 3 bottles sent to me IMMEDIATELY.  Her colors are amazing and every bottle has so many different glitter sizes and colors.  Right up my alley.  So I ordered Regeneration, Don't Blink and Pinin' for the Fjords.  She had a disclaimer on the site stating that it could take a few days to ship because all of the polish is hand mixed so I ordered and put it out of my mind.  When I got my package maybe a week and a half later, there was a 4th bottle with a note that said here is a special bottle because you waited so long.  SCORE!!!  That was an awesome surprise.  I will definitely review all four polishes.  

First up, Regeneration.  I'll give you the description off the Etsy site first since she describes it so well:

REGENERATION is a brilliant light-filled orange with gold glitter, small and medium hex copper glitter, and big golden hex glitters, plus a dash of opalescent sparkles and an extra kick of color-shifting mica for a warm pearly golden glow. Caution: applying this polish might make you suddenly look like a completely different person. Don’t blame me if your friends don’t recognize you.
Sun light (LOVE!)

Indoor lighting

I sent a text to Anna after I painted my nails with the color that said, "this is like a neutral, orange glitter.  If that's even possible."  I think it is.  It's orange but it's not in your face "look at me, I'm wearing orange nail polish" orange.  And it has four different glitters in it and still manages to be on the subtle side.  It's a pale orange jelly base with a sort of gold glow.  The formula was great.  Even with those giant golden hex glitters, I didn't need to manipulate the glitter, it glided right on evenly.  I used 2 coats.  I think if I went for 3, it would have been more "BAM, in yo face orange glitter nails" but I'm really happy with 2.  I could even see layering just one coat over a pale color on an accent nail.  And as always, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener as a base and SV top coat.

My only complaint is that some of the big hex glitters were a little furled on the edges.  Does that make sense?  So they lifted off the nail after some wear.  I've had the polish on for 2 days and I've lost a few of the big hexes.  Not that big of a deal and maybe 2 coats of SV would have solved it. No chipping or tip wear at all.

I am so excited about Nerd Lacquer.  I hope Amanda gets nail famous.  She totally deserves it.  Her polishes are original, tell a story and her colors are so different and cool.  Her entire library is on my wishlist.  Every single polish.  Need to hoard it all.  

Check out Nerd Lacquer's Etsy shop here.


  1. Thank you for swatching! I never paid that much attention to this color before because it seemed much brighter orange. I love her whole Dr. Who line on principal, and seeing how subdued this orange is makes my nerd heart sing :D

  2. No problem! I bought it thinking it would be a good pedicure polish but I was so happy with it on my nails. Her polishes are so awesome.