Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magnetix Polish

I've been wanting to try out a magnetic polish for awhile. Each color has iron particles mixed in with the shimmer polish so that when you hold a patterned magnet over the still-wet polish, the particles shift to create unique patterns. Science and nail polish, two of my favorite things! 

Magnetic polishes have been big in the UK for awhile and they are starting to make their way to the states. Sephora sells Nails Inc magnetic polish that comes with a magnet in the top for $16. China Glaze also has a line available on Head2Toe for $4.60 a bottle but you have to buy the magnet separately.

I came across these Magnetix polishes at Rite Aid for $7.99 a bottle so I figured I'd give it a shot. Each bottle comes with two magnets.

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Each magnet that came with this polish was in a rubber base so they were pretty easy to hold. They also have a little indent on the bottom to rest on your finger.

There were a few different colors of this polish available. I passed over a dark chrome, a bronzy gold, an emerald green, and a dark blue for this light burgundy color with lots of shimmer. I couldn't find color names on any of the boxes.

The instructions tell you to apply a thick coat of polish to your nail and immediately hold the magnet over the nail for 15 seconds to create the pattern. I had read on a few blogs that two coats usually works better to show the pattern. 

I'm not gonna lie, even with the rubber covered magnet and finger-placement indent, I had the hardest time keeping the magnet at a good distance from my nail to create the pattern. If I held it too far away, no pattern showed up at all. If I tried to get it closer, I'd knock my nail onto the magnet and ruin the polish. Maybe these magnets aren't very strong. Maybe I just need more practice.

The worst part? The formula was thick and goopy and blobby and just gross. I got so frustrated with this manicure I didn't even finish all of my nails before taking it off and moving on. Here's what I got finished.

I used the straight diagonal lined magnet for my pointer, middle and pinky fingers and the squiggly design for my ring finger. You can see the straight pattern doesn't look as strong on my pointer finger as it does on my middle finger. I must have held the magnet too far away.

The squiggly magnet was much weaker than the straight pattern so sometimes it didn't show up at all. The pictures above show my third attempt with it.

It's such a shame this didn't work out because I was so excited to try these! I still really like the idea of magnetic polish and I've heard great things about the China Glaze and Nails Inc formulas so maybe I'll try one of them at some point. All I know is that I'll be staying away from this brand in the future.

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