Saturday, February 18, 2012

Glitter Gal- 3D Holo Light As A Feather

I'm on a bit of a holo kick these days. After I went a little nuts over Glitter Gal's Green holo, cupid decided to send me some nail mail with Light as a Feather!

3 coats- artificial light
Light as a Feather is a great white/light grey linear holographic polish. You can purchase these polishes from Llarowe in the US for $14 (9mL) or $20 (15mL). A lot of them are out of stock right now but she restocks regularly. Glitter Gal also ships internationally from Australia.

The holo effect in this polish isn't as strong as in Green, but it certainly is lovely. As with Green, the formula applies like a dream and I got full opacity in three coats.

I'm only posting this picture because it shows how sheer the polish is with one coat and you can really see the holo effect in the bottle. I know the lighting is terrible.
One coat
After two coats, Light as a Feather is still pretty sheer but I dig it.
Two coats by the window
Since I knew Glitter Gal's holos are sheer, I first tried layering Light as a Feather over white polish. It was so WHITE that I hated it and took it off before even taking any pictures. I very much prefer this color as a neutral shade.

Subtle linear holo even in the sun

I had to do a lot of adjusting in Photoshop to get the holo to come out in these pictures. Since my iPhone was having such a hard time capturing the effect of this polish, I decided to bring out my real camera. I have an old Canon PowerShot but it has a macro setting so I tried it out. Of course, by the time I thought to use my real camera, I was no longer wearing Light as a Feather. So here are some bottle shots. No adjustments necessary!

Seriously, how gorgeous is this polish?

Just for the sake of comparison I also took some bottle shots of Green too.

So it looks like I'll be switching over to my grown-up camera for the most part. It also looks like I need to add some bolder brighter holos to my collection. 


  1. Thanks so much, you really did a great job capturing the holographic effects - Kerry and Anna, Glitter Gal Australia xoxoxox

    1. Thanks again ladies! Can't wait to try another :)