Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finger Paints Special Effects "Motley"

Finger Paints Special Effects Motley
How to describe this polish so that you can understand just how ethereally lovely it really is? It's like gazing at sapphires through sparkling Caribbean waters. It's as if you were able to decoupage the wings of a Blue Morpho butterfly to your fingertips. It's as though your fingertips were able to generate tiny electric blue sparks. It's amazing.

All of the Special Effects play to their best advantage over darker colors; they each do very well over black, but I really wanted to emphasize the blue shimmer of Motley so I used two coats over a single coat of Essie Midnight Cami. I was going to take a shot of just that base but it seemed so boring on its own (plus I was pressed for time.) Motley has shimmers of mostly blue with minty green highlights. Unlike Flashy, which seemed to show its highlight colors nearer the edges of my nails, Motley has them at the center. I also didn't notice a complete shift in color if the direction of the light changed as I did with Flashy, although I can't explain why that would be. Not that I'm disappointed! I like that the color changes are limited to blues and greens and weren't unexpectedly changing to, say, bronze or brass as I moved my hands around. Two coats of Motley and a single top coat of Seche Vite turned my fingertips into lapis lazuli.
A close-up to really showcase the shimmering play of colors.
The flakes in the Special Effects aren't really like glitter, they're almost like fish food, so they lay flatter on the nail and are a bit easier to get off. You don't need to use a method as drastic as the foil method to remove it but it does take letting the remover stay on the nail a bit longer than you would with a creme. For this I found those pre-saturated felt pads (travel packs?) to be the best, maybe because of the texture of the felt. I happened to find about a dozen of those packets, forgotten in a drawer, so I gave them a try and found them to be a lot less messy than soaking a cotton ball in remover and holding it against the nail. I really was able to clean off all ten nails with one pad! Who knew? If I could remember where I got these I'd definitely go get some more. I did have to go over the nails again with a regular cotton ball and non-acetone remover to get at the color stuck in the cuticle area, though, but no big deal.

Now to decide which colors to layer the other Special Effects over...

Stay tuned for our special give-away of these fabulous polishes!

UPDATE: I found a box of pre-saturated remover pads at Sally Beauty Supply. The felt is actually white even though the one on the box is red. Still works the same.


  1. Tell me more about these remover pads!

  2. They work WAY better than a soaked cotton ball, but they do cost more. I think I will save them for the more stubborn polishes because the texture of the felt really helps to remove the polish.