Saturday, February 11, 2012

Butter London's All Hail The Queen

Butter London's All Hail The Queen
Another one of my favorite neutral shades is Butter London's All Hail The Queen (formerly known as All Hail McQueen, in honor of the late designer Alexander McQueen.) It's a bit darker than it looks in my photo, more of a deep taupe, and the shimmers are really subtle so they're not as in-your-face as some others. Under indoor lighting it could almost pass for a creme shade.

I tried this one after OPI's DS Classic and because I loved that one so much, this one suffered by comparison and I was really disappointed in it. However! After wearing it a while and seeing it in different lighting it really grew on me and I think I may actually like it better now. Classic almost seems gaudy by comparison (but I still love it.)

Like OPI San Tan-tonio, this one's a great polish for a professional setting, or anywhere you want to come across as polished & professional without being too edgy. Or if your fingers are short and stubby, like mine, and you don't want a contrasty shade to cut them off at the tips.

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