Thursday, February 23, 2012

butter LONDON- British Racing Green vs. SinfulColors- Last Chance

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Okay, on to my post.

Last year when I was in the market for a new car, I did what any normal person does. I went out and bought nail polish to match the car I wanted.

2011 Mini Cooper Hardtop in British Racing Green- Courtesy of

butter LONDON- British Racing Green
This was my first butter LONDON purchase. How could I pass up a color that’s named after my dream car? A $14 a bottle of polish is a little high end for me but I went for it. Ulta had just started carrying butter LONDON at the time so I had to order from the website because they didn’t have it in my local store yet. But I was supposed to go buy my car the next day and couldn’t bring myself to show up at the dealership without matching nails. Normal.

So I went to Walgreens to see what I could find. Enter SinfulColors- Last Chance. As far as I could tell, it was the same exact color as BRG for $1.99. 
Should I cancel my Ulta order? No, because this color isn’t actually called British Racing Green. I obviously needed them both. I had my priorities in the right place.

I painted my nails with Last Chance, went to the dealership and drove away in my new British Racing Green Mini Cooper. I think it goes without saying that my nails were painted green for pretty much the entire first 2 months I owned my car.
Now for the side by side. Both of these colors are the same dark hunter green. The only real difference is that BRG has a subtle silver/green shimmer in it that matches the car’s paint job. Last Chance is a true crème.
The shimmer in BRG is more obvious in the bottle but sort of gets lost on the nail

Last Chance has a much thinner formula than BRG. I was able to get pretty much full coverage in two semi-thick coats of Last Chance but I did find a bald spot once I got outside in the sun. Next time I’ll use three coats.
BRG actually applied a little goopy. I used two coats. I don’t remember the formula being so thick so maybe some of you guys have experience with a newer bottle. I have used this polish a lot so plenty of air has ended up in the bottle and could definitely be the cause. I added some thinner after I was done for next time.
Once dry, I had a moment of panic where I couldn’t remember which nails had which polish on them. They are that similar. I had to go to the window to find the shimmer in BRG.

BRG's shimmer is much less obvious in lower light

I used Essie's Protein Base Coat and SV as a top coat. Within a few minutes of applying the SV, the tips of my Last Chance nails shrunk.
Last Chance shrinkage!

Extreme shrinkage close up

When my nails match my car, what else is there to do but go for a drive?

There's that ring finger bald spot from Last Chance

Overall, I love both of these polishes. I gravitate more towards the butter LONDON because it's a true match to my car. But it's pretty obvious that Last Chance isn't very far off.


  1. Love!! :) I have a BRG Mini Cooper as well (2007), and I just found the BL BRG nail polish! I'm really looking forward to having matching nails! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one that wants to do that. Happy Motoring!

  2. my son says that the original, vintage BRG has no shimmer. I have been on the hunt for authentic, vintage BRG for some time and according to my car obsessed teen, Last Chance is IT. Congrats on the car and polish. IMHO ever girl should have a polish that matches the paint job on her ca.